Oakwood Controls Showcasing Electronic Target Systems at NRA Annual Meetings & Exhibits

Oakwood Controls

Oakwood Controls at the NRA Annual Meeting

(ArmsVault.com) – Oakwood Controls is proud to announce their participation at 147th NRA Annual Meetings & Exhibits.  Visit booth #2513 for the latest live-fire training systems.

Oakwood will be showcasing its new UnPredictorâ„¢.  The UnPredictor is an interactive target/training system comprised of an array of hit-counting steel targets and an accompanying control system.  It focuses on realistic gunfight training and brings the element of unpredictability to any live-fire training activity with programmable behaviors to simulate various scenarios.  Scenarios that require the participant to work their weapon until the threat is neutralized.  Whether the session requires 1 hit or 5, the UnPredictor makes each training event different and unpredictable for more true-to-life scenario.

About Oakwood Controls

Starting in 2008 developing software for sensor integration for the U.S. Army, Oakwood Controls brings over 30 years of sensor integrated product experience to the long-range shooting community. An NRA Clubs & Business Alliance and Affinity Partner, our team has a passion for long-range shooting and Oakwood Controls is proud that we design, engineer and manufacture our electronic target systems in south central Pennsylvania. Our systems have been designed from the ground up and incorporate the newest sensor technology to give better accuracy and instant feedback. Our focus has been to provide the best, most user-friendly, accurate products to help the long-range shooting community get better at what they do. www.oakwoodcontrols.com