Taurus USA Awards NBS 2017 Buy Group of the Year


Taurus USA Awards NBS 2017 Buy Group of the Year

(Miami, FL) – (ArmsVault.com) – Taurus USA announces NBS as the Taurus 2017 Buy Group of the Year.  Many elements are taken in account when naming the Buy Group of the Year and NBS has earned this award and recognition.

Taurus USA attends the NBS Buy Group shows during both the winter and summer markets to provide members with new product announcements, exclusive show specials and valuable face-to-face time that otherwise would not be feasible.   “NBS members network directly with our sales team and many times are involved in developing new products, promotions and programs that we are introducing,” states Carlos Vazquez-Pausa, VP of Sales.  “2017 was a challenging year in our industry but NBS members stepped up as industry partners.  We look forward to our relationship with NBS in 2018.”

Taurus USA Awards NBS 2017 Buy Group of the Year

Photo: Left to Right

Dave Stockmeyer – Senior Vice President NBS, Merchandising & Marketing

Steven Baker – Merchandising Vice President, Field & Stream

Jim Chandley – NBS President

Rodney Smith – SW Vice President of Sales, Proactive Sales & Marketing (Taurus USA Rep Agency)

To learn more about the Taurus USA, please visit www.TaurusUSA.com

About Taurus USA:

Taurus Holdings, Inc. and its subsidiaries (“Taurus USA”) continues to evolve and produce revolutionary new products. In addition, new standards for quality and efficiency help deliver reliable and affordable guns to the market. Taurus USA is based in Miami, Florida. Taurus Holdings, Inc. is owned by Forjas Taurus, S.A. which is a publicly traded company based in Brazil. Forjas Taurus manufactures a wide variety of consumer and industrial products that are distributed worldwide. For additional information, visit www.taurususa.com.