Last Minute Gift Idea for Gun Owners – Ammo

Simple Gift Idea for Gun Owners - Ammo

Every year around Christmas-time I am asked to provide some gift ideas. As a gun owner, there is one thing that ALWAYS makes my gift list… Ammo!

To those that aren’t gun enthusiasts, ammo may seem like a boring gift idea. But trust me when I say, all gun owners appreciate the gift of ammo!

Lucky Gunner

One of my favorite sources for ammo is Lucky Gunner.  All the ammo you see on their site is in stock. They even display an inventory number that tells you how much is currently available.

And if you want to know when your ammunition order will ship? Just check out the guide on the side of their website. It tells you when your order will ship, based on the time of day the order is placed. So if you are doing some last minute Christmas shopping, this is an awesome feature.

Don’t know what kind of ammo to buy? No problem… Lucky Gunner offers gift cards!

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