Varmint & Predator Hunting Featured in Shooting Industry Magazine

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Varmint & Predator Hunting Featured
In November’s Shooting Industry

( – What’s the avid hunter to do when deer season is over and turkey season is still on the horizon? Many a restless outdoorsman has found satisfaction with varmint and predator hunting. The in-between seasons alternative is proving a solid niche in the hunting segment for dealers and is featured in the November issue of Shooting Industry. The issue also highlights the benefits of hosting “Industry Days” and earning your share of profits from safety accessories.

Varmint & Predator Hunting Featured in Shooting Industry Magazine

Varmint hunting offers several opportunities for hunters — skill strengthening, predatory population control and a way to introduce youth to the shooting sports. An important thing for dealers to consider: maintaining a strong inventory, especially when it comes to ammunition.

In the wide-open spaces of South Dakota, prairie dogs by the thousands can easily wreck havoc if not controlled. “It’s definitely a quantity sport,” says A.J. Hoffman, co-owner of SoDak Sports in Aberdeen, S.D. “Guys will buy most anything they can get a decent price on. The key is being able to sell it in 1,000-round quantities.”

In this month’s “Personal Defense Market” installment, Massad Ayoob identifies an important source to ease the strain of an overall softened market — the firearms manufacturer segment itself. “Industry Days” allows manufacturers to support retailers on site by sending representatives to act as ambassadors and spokespeople who explain their products to customers. Coupled with special pricing incentives and promotions, these events offer a potentially powerful infusion of customer traffic and sales.

“We have Ruger Days and Smith & Wesson days every year, and we’ve done so for quite some time. It has always been profitable, and it has always brought a significant increase in customer flow,” shares Mike Leach, GM at Green Top Sporting Goods in Richmond, Va.

Also included in this month’s issue are ways to get sound earnings from safety products, what it takes to advance airguns and airsoft sales and how to attract and retain female customers this holiday season. Additionally, readers will learn the benefits of becoming a Smith & Wesson Performance Center dealer.

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