Ruger SR1911 10mm in American Handgunner

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Ruger’s “Powered-Up Performer” Featured In Jan./Feb. Issue Of American Handgunner

( – Powered-up to deliver downrange with 10mm impact, Ruger’s SR1911 is as close to a .41 Magnum as you can get in a 1911 design. The commanding semi-auto takes center stage in the January/February issue of American Handgunner, with a full report from the “Sixgunner” himself, John Taffin.

John’s test model arrived with CNC-machined slide and frame for a smooth and tight fit, a ramped, 5-inch nitrided barrel and 4-lb. skeletonized aluminum trigger. Added touches include a memory bump on the beavertail grip safety, extended slide stop lever and a stainless steel finish. Factory loads and handloads performed flawlessly with especially impressive results from Cor-Bon’s 150-gr. JHP.

Ruger SR1911 10mm in American Handgunner

“This is simply an excellent shooting and performing pistol and I wasted no time in sending off a check to Ruger. There’s nothing on this pistol I would consider unnecessary nor is there anything else I would add. I like it just the way it is,” he shares.

It’s “Hammer Time.” Springfield Armory’s XD-E 9mm takes the modern polymer-framed pistol and adds the “retro” feature of an exposed hammer. Massad Ayoob outlines the finer points of this feature-laden and affordable option ideal for concealed carry. “I like its utter reliability,” he declares. “The test sample is past 1,000 rounds in many hands now without a single malfunction of any kind.”

The Jan./Feb. issue also highlights the continued success of cutlery mainstay, KA-BAR, and the creative approach the company takes to staying on top and ahead of the curve. The “Pistolsmithing” column establishes some ground rules and common sense methods to cutting (useable) dovetail sights. And for the handgunner aficionado in your life, John Connor’s 2017 Holiday Gift Guide provides perfect gift ideas for under the tree.

Up for grabs in this month’s handgun giveaway is the CPX-3 .380 Auto from SCCY Industries. Delivering desired concealability in a powerful caliber, the CPX-3 features the “Roebuck Quad Lock” system that locks the barrel to the slide in four areas to ensure repeatable accuracy. This first Handgunner giveaway of 2018 also includes a Ruike pocketknife by Fenix, a jewelry and accessories set from Bullet Blossom Creations and a 5-pack of Hurley’s Gold. Combined, the total value of this prize package is $442.95. Readers are invited to enter for free by visiting

American Handgunner offers more by way of exclusive content available online-only. This month’s features include “Handloading Plus-P Brass” and how the Scholastic Action Shooting Program is “growing” Second Amendment supporters. Visit to access exclusive web content and previous issues of American Handgunner. The January/February issue can be purchased and downloaded as a PDF. Kindle and digital versions are also available.