GUNS Magazine Surplus Vintage & Classic Firearms Special Edition 2018

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Cold War Dynamic Duo Featured in 2018 GUNS Magazine Surplus Vintage & Classic Firearms Special Edition

( – With more than 25 fascinating articles on vintage, replica and classic guns, the crossover appeal of GUNS Magazine Surplus Vintage & Classic Firearms Special Edition 2018 will pique the interests of gun enthusiasts and history buffs alike. From the Cold War-era dominance of the full-power FAL to hunting carp with a Victorian-era harpoon gun and having a “little” fun with a flamethrower, this edition encompasses the world’s most legendary military firearms and classic guns cover to cover.

GUNS Magazine Surplus Vintage & Classic Firearms Special Edition 2018
GUNS Magazine Surplus Vintage & Classic Firearms Special Edition 2018

In the cover feature, “The Right Arm of the Free World,” Jeff John details the 20th and 21st century versions of the 7.62×51 FAL provided by DS Arms. The original Cold War veteran by Fabrique Nationale served with 90 countries and quickly became a hit for collectors stateside. DS Arms’ offerings incorporate high-quality components and improved mechanics for an impressive package that still respects the original design.

“Few arms blend the modern with the traditional as well as the FAL. The graceful lines give the rifle a look as beautiful as it is lethal. DS Arms builds these rifles to shoot using a high-quality barrel and .308 chamber. You can forget about the FAL’s reputation for poor accuracy if you select decent ammo,” he observes.

Will Dabbs, MD, offers a short history on one of the world’s most renowned submachine guns – the Tommy Gun — in “Chicago Typewriter.” Originally developed for trench warfare in World War I, the Tommy Gun is most widely recognized as a 1930s-era gangster sidepiece wielded by the likes of such criminals as Baby Face Nelson.

“The Thompson submachine gun captivated a generation. Embodying excitement, danger and a sinister willingness to live life on the edge, the ‘Tommy Gun’ is burned deeply into the American lexicon. And a little trigger time on one shows why it made such a splash,” he reflects.

War-era firearms fetch a pretty penny in the right condition, and in the late 1980s one company found what amounted to the Holy Grail for WWII collectors. Frank Jardim recounts his “Garand Adventure,” when a rumored treasure trove of Philippine M1s led to much, much more for another company hoping to strike materiel gold for itself.

Additional highlights include an overview of the affordably priced Rock Island Armory GI Standard .45 — a close rendition of the original 1911A1 service pistol sure to impress enthusiasts. Readers will learn how to apply the “Goldilocks Principle” to curating a handgun collection for actual use, and in the battle for Eastern Front supremacy, Germany’s MP40 and Russia’s PPSh supplied substantial firepower.

A prize package featuring a Kahr Arms 1911BKOW is up for grabs this issue. Chambered in .45 ACP, the decidedly handsome pistol features a matte black finish with checkered wood grips. It has windage-adjustable front and rear sights, thumb and grip safeties and a firing pin block. The winner will also claim a Ruike folding knife by Fenix, a 5-pack of Hurley’s Gold All-In-One lubricant and two books: Big Guns: Artillery On The Battlefield by Angus Konstam and Sharpshooters: Marksmen Through The Ages by Gary Yee. Altogether, prizes worth $808.85 are up for grabs. For online entry, visit

The GUNS Surplus 2018 Resource Guide rounds out this giant edition: A catalog featuring surplus guns, uniforms, ammunition, accessories and more.

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