Firefield Speedstrike Laser Sights


Strike at lightning speed with new Firefield Speedstrike Lasers

(MANSFIELD, TEXAS) – ( – When seconds count, whether your life is on the line or you’re down to the wire in a shooting competition, Firefield Speedstrike laser sights provide quick target acquisition when you need it most. With the option of red (FF25010) or green (FF25011) laser, you can light up your target with your preference of laser color.

Firefield Speedstrike Laser Sights

Ideal for home defense and night shooting, Firefield Speedstrikes were designed to improve upon popular laser sights on the market with more responsive adjustments, a brighter, tighter laser dot and a more compact body style. The Speedstrike’s unique modular mount allows for numerous accessory options and enables shooters to attach the laser in a way that optimizes their setup and works perfectly in conjunction with their firearm’s rail. Hand adjustments allow windage and elevation to be tweaked without tools. While able to operate via push button, both laser sights also come standard with a responsive tactile button for swift activation, so you can focus on the important part – aiming the gun.

Firefield Speedstrike Laser Sight on Rifle

Effective up to 50 yards during the day and an impressive 300 yards at night, both Speedstrike models run off a single CR123 battery and can withstand up to .308 caliber recoil. Constructed of aluminum, these lasers are lightweight, yet durable and IP55 water resistant. Speedstrike lasers include battery, pressure pad and push button.

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