Kimber K6s Revolver and Micro 9 in GUNS Magazine

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Kimber’s 6+9 = Solid Defense As Featured
In GUNS November Issue

( – Kimber’s K6s and Micro 9 deliver solid defense options ideal for concealed carry and attractive aesthetics — which will appeal to a wide range of tastes. Featured together in November’s GUNS Magazine, this impressive duo gets high marks from Massad Ayoob, Mike Cumpston and Deborah Davison.

The all-stainless steel K6s revolver, Massad Ayoob reports, “sits in your hand like a blackjack.” Kimber’s .357 snubbie sports great sights, a good trigger and a “5+1” cylinder. He found the 3-dot sights to be excellent, offering a better sight picture than most small-frame snubbies, and several hundred rounds went through the test gun without a hitch. Mas’ conclusion? “The Kimber K6s has a lot going for it. I think it’s going to be with us for some time.”

GUNS Magazine - November 2017

A relatively new offering from Kimber, the Micro 9 emerged as a minimally enlarged companion piece to the successful Micro 380. Models available in 2017 feature various color schemes and some have Crimson Trace LaserGrips. For Mike, the heavy trigger pull took some getting used to, but Deborah was keen on the high-visibility sights and considers the size, balance and overall handling qualities nearly perfect. “We found it possible to precisely place our shots from various non-standard but potentially useful presentations … The Kimber Micro family addresses the elements most desirable in deep-concealment personal arms,” both concur.

Only recently on board the .41 Mag. train — and by accident at that — Mark Hampton delivers an empirical review of the caliber in “Having Fun With The .41.” Armed with a host of commercial loadings, Mark was duly impressed. “Whether in a T/C Encore single-shot or a Ruger Super Blackhawk revolver, the ‘middle magnum’ shines. If I had spent equal time shooting the .41 Mag. as I did with the .44 Mag., I wouldn’t have owned a pile of .44’s.”

The November issue also highlights the “eminently shootable” Remington-Springfield 1903 and 1903-A3s. Both are favorites of Mike “Duke” Venturino and both occupy an important place in American history.

Discover the skill it takes to shoot slow-moving, large-caliber bullets at long range with “Black Powder Voodoo” in this month’s “Game On” column. And hard as it may be to improve upon the Ruger Mark IV, creative upgrades can take this classic .22 pistol to a “majestic” level as detailed in Holt Bodinson’s “Rimfires” column.

A cool Coonan .357 Magnum Classic is up for grabs in this month’s gun giveaway. The 1911 features a fixed white dot sight, pivoting trigger and a chrome-plated, 5-inch “link-less” barrel. A Gerber Strongarm fixed blade knife, a FrogLube Pistol Cleaning Kit and a necklace and bracelet from Bullet Blossom Creations round out the package (worth a combined total of $1,757.99).  Readers are encouraged to enter the free drawing online by visiting

With just a click, exclusive content is at hand! This month’s Online Feature, “A Death In El Paso,” recounts John Wesley Hardin’s last poker hand at the Acme Saloon. The November issue of GUNS is on newsstands now with a digital version available for purchase online at