Brownells Retro M16A1/AR-15 Furniture


Brownells Goes Retro – Launches M16A1/AR-15 Furniture

Grinnell, Iowa – ( – Retro rifle fans, rejoice! Brownells announces M16A1-style furniture in 3 different colors, allowing enthusiasts to complete authentic-looking replicas of classic early AR-15 variants.

Colors available include black, Air Force contract green, and brown for builds replicating early Eugene Stoner prototypes.

Available separately or in complete furniture sets, the early-pattern stocks, pistol grips and iconic triangular handguard sets are made with fully-modern materials, and are attractively priced compared to hard-to-find originals.

Handguards fit into triangular handguard caps. Stocks are based on the Type D pattern, without a trapdoor compartment, and fit onto A-1 length buffer tubes.

 “Customers have a deep desire for nostalgia, and they wanted to be able to build their own version of an early AR-15 or M16A1,” said Brownells CEO Pete Brownell. “We’re proud to offer these classic-looking parts to help accomplish those builds.”

The following Retro AR-15 Furniture can be seen on the Brownells website:

Brownells Complete Retro Furniture Set - Black

  • Complete Retro Furniture Set, Black. #078-000-353. $79.99 retail.
  • Retro Handguard, Black. #078-000-344. $39.99 retail
  • Retro Stock, Black. #078-000-350. $39.99 retail.
  • Retro Pistol Grip, Black. #078-000-347. #14.99 retail.

Brownells Complete Retro Furniture Set - Green

  • Complete Retro Furniture Set, Green. #078-000-354. $79.99 retail.
  • Retro Handguard, Green. #078-000-345. $39.99 retail.
  • Retro Stock, Green. #078-000-351. $39.99 retail.
  • Retro Pistol Grip, Green. #078-000-348. $14.99 retail.

Brownells Complete Retro Furniture Set - Brown

  • Complete Retro Furniture Set, Brown. #078-000-355. $79.99 retail
  • Retro Handguard, Brown. #078-000-346. $39.99 retail.
  • Retro Stock, Brown. #078-000-352. $39.99 retail.
  • Retro Pistol Grip, Brown. #078-000-349. $14.99 retail.

The Retro furniture complements the other Retro M16A1 parts Brownells also offers, including both upper and lower receivers, barrels, bolt carrier groups and other small parts.

To see all of Brownells Retro parts, click here.

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