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Current Trends In Long-Gun Sales
Featured In August’s Shooting Industry

( – The shift in long-guns sales over the past several months indicates shoppers are readily enjoying the luxury of time to think before they buy. In the August issue of Shooting Industry, feature coverage examines the steadied pace of long-gun sales compared to the “fast and frenzied” trend of the last few years. Other feature articles are just in time for the upcoming hunting season: “Out In The Field” acquaints dealers with gear ringing up solid sales, and “Switch On Profits!” with flashlights where options have never been brighter.

Shooting Industry - Long Gun Sales

While sales have by no means flatlined, the frantic manner of selling and stocking MSRs has given way to a process governed by informed and budget-conscious buyers. Mindful of price point, intended use and what’s selling best, retailers are wisely stocking options designed to sustain the new sales pace.

“Customers aren’t making any rash purchases. They’re buying guns they’ve always wanted to own,” says John Stephenson, general manager of Metro Shooting Supplies in Bridgeton, Mo.

In Nevada, Robert Buckley, co-owner of Arms-R-Us in Spring Creek shares, “I know I have to keep lower-end items in the store or I’m going out of business. I want to offer something that’s quality at a good price.”

The fall hunting season is nearly here and a diverse demographic of hunters are primed to enter your store. In “Out In The Field,” retailers share the products (such as optics, decoys, apparel and crossbows) that have emerged as the most successful sellers designed to optimize seasonal pursuits. An added bonus: even in a downturn, hunters are still buying (and they seem to have no problem buying at the high-end) and looking for the latest innovations.

Savvy storefront retailers know accessory sales are a big key to lighting up the bottom line and a handful of the best and brightest are covered in this issue of Shooting Industry. Other highlights include five must-have tips for integrated marketing on a budget, why it’s important not to categorize all women as being equal and more. Also, in honor of National Shooting Sports Month, this issue’s Editor’s Note introduces this new NSSF initiative and how it will provide benefits for dealers and enthusiasts alike.

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