American Handgunner Personal Defense Survive

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American Handgunner’s Personal Defense Survive
Paves The Road To Preparedness

( – It may seem counterintuitive, but personal defense and survival are indeed interrelated. However, each is entirely dependent upon individual skills. The American Handgunner Personal Defense Survive Special Edition expertly blends the best of American Handgunner’s reliable personal defense insights with the tips, tools and tricks to equip readers with a rudimentary set of survival skills should the need arise. When a vital piece of gear breaks, hunger strikes or firearms are prohibited, Survive is packed with what it takes to keep one step ahead of the next threat and more.

American Handgunner Personal Defense Survive
American Handgunner Personal Defense Survive

In the cover feature, “Alternative Armament,” Will Dabbs, MD doles out viable survival weapon solutions for no-gun zones. Will details the surprisingly effective stopping power and reliability of an air rifle, crossbow and plastic flare gun. “The little plastic $50 Orion flare pistol,” Will concludes, “is a freaking monster. I’m sure using [one] as a weapon is illegal even in places like Mogadishu. However, anybody adequately motivated to drive home an attack after catching one of those puppies to the sternum deserves anything they can get.”

The varying degrees of survival are infinite, yet can be as simple as knowing how to thread a needle to stitch a seam, or as complex as handling explosives. In “Explosives 101,” Jason Baird, PhD, dispels common misconceptions about explosives and some safety tips for good measure. And it’s easy to prevent potentially fatal accidents and reinforce range gear with Roger Smith’s sewing tips in “A Stitch In Time.”

A sturdy, sharp knife can perform a multitude of jobs in a pinch. Readers will learn how to build their own cutlery from scratch with a step-by-step tutorial from Tiger McKee, or peruse some of the more fetching big blades on the market. Knife in hand, Sam Fadar’s “Rabbit! Field To Pot” guides readers through the process of hunting, prepping and enjoying a dish of the whole-earth game animal.

The Personal Defense Survive Special Edition issue has an added bonus: the Special Edition 2017 Buyer’s Guide. This 96-page catalog of currently available handguns, rifles, shotguns, knives, lights, lasers and holsters is an incomparable resource to have in hand when choosing your next, or first, personal defense tool.

Readers are invited to enter the free drawing for a hefty prize package featuring a Mossberg International 715P Pistol Red Dot Combo, a lightweight, easy-to-shoot pistol ideal for small-game hunting, plinking or target shooting. The winner will also claim a VI AX by TOPS Knives, Lightning Strike’s Fire Starter, GATCO’s Scepter 2.0 multi-functioning tool and G96 Synthetic Gun Oil. Altogether, prizes worth $860.19 are up for grabs. For online entry, visit

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