Smith & Wesson M&P M2.0 in American Handgunner

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S&W’s Defensive Trio Featured In American Handgunner’s September/October Issue

( – Within every renowned company there are individual product lines generally centered on a specific application. For Smith & Wesson, guns emblazoned with “M&P” represent the evocative buzzword “Military & Police.” Featured in the September/October issue of American Handgunner, Executive Editor Payton Miller extols the many virtues of the “New and Improved” M&P M2.0, complemented by Editor Roy Huntington’s appraisal of two equally impressive S&W Performance Center revolvers: the M637 and the 586 L-Comp.

American Handgunner Sep-Oct

“If this improved trigger was all they did on the new M2.0, I’d have been sold. But ‘on paper’ 25-yard results from a rest with the M2.0 was far better. The company apparently has no intention of staying off the cutting edge of product development. It’s tough to think of what else they could do to the M&P pistol, but don’t bet against them coming up with something,” Miller informs.

The versatile 10mm cartridge is attractive to hunters and self-defense users alike; handgun hunters may especially find it particularly appealing. Effective and accurate, Mark Hampton makes the case for the Dan Wesson Bruin 10mm when on the hunt in “Boar Buster.”

“The Bruin is an excellent choice for hunting, recreational plinking, range work or personal defense. The long 6.3-inch barrel is most welcome in hunting situations too. It’s darn close to a ‘do everything’ gun, if you ask me,” Hampton says.

Highlights this issue include a “Behind The Scenes” look at Black Hills Ammunition, including the people behind the brand who have an unwavering commitment to manufacture products as with the utmost care and reliability. Cutting edge technology continues to improve and enhance the sights and optics market: Celia Crane reviews six impressive options available for a variety of uses. And are you training for fads, fantasy or a fight? Be prepared for the appropriate situation with insight provided in the popular “Tactics & Training” column.

A classic, cool Coonan .357 Magnum Classic is up for grabs in this month’s handgun giveaway. The pistol features a fixed white dot sight, pivoting trigger and a chrome-plated, 5-inch linkless barrel. The winner will also receive a Quantico Carry Bag, UpLULA Universal Magazine Loader and a Thyrm Cell Vault. Combined, this package totals $1,788.94. Enter for free online:

There’s even more from American Handgunner — this issue’s online-only features include “Cross-Dominant Eye Shooting: Left eye or right? Which are you?” and “Retro Trigger Time With The Terminator.” Visit to access exclusive web content and previous issues of American Handgunner. The September/October issue can be purchased and downloaded as a PDF. Kindle and digital versions are also available.