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U.S. Firearms Production Revealed In July’s Shooting Industry

( – The data-packed July issue of Shooting Industry reveals numerous trends affecting the industry — such as background checks, financial results from the industry’s publicly traded companies and the latest U.S. firearms manufacturing production data. The annual “U.S. Firearms Today” report presents a comprehensive overview that will be useful to retailers and industry companies, including data on firearm production by caliber, shifts in export/import totals and the top 25 U.S. firearm manufacturers from 2015 (the latest data available).

Shooting Industry - US Firearms Production Revealed, Firearm Manufacturers
Shooting Industry – July 2017

As indicated by the ATF’s 2015 Annual Firearms Manufacturing and Export, the industry rebounded across several categories after a challenging 2014. Total firearms production increased from 8,692,461 in 2014 to 8,911,530 in 2015, growth of 2.5 percent. For the eighth year in a row, Ruger was the top overall U.S. firearms manufacturer with 1,667,820 firearms produced in 2015, while Smith & Wesson and Remington were the leading handgun and long-gun manufacturers, respectively. For more of these insights, visit Shooting Industry’s website:

Other revenue generating categories, such as handgun accessories and gun-care products are detailed in this issue. In “Revenue Builders,” Tim Barker illustrates the importance of adding handgun accessories to the sales equation. At a time when gun sales are slowing down, these extras may offer shop owners an opportunity to capture additional revenues.

“When you pile on accessories, you can really build your ticket. A $500 gun becomes a $1,000 sale,” shares Casey Hite, owner of Gun Dog Armory in Ocoee, Fla. “It’s like the wheels and rims on a car. People are always looking for ways to customize.”

Retailers looking for repeat sales know gun-care products are a must-carry category. “Cleanup With Gun-Care Sales” offers timely advice from shop owners who’ve seen this corner of the market grow right alongside firearm production.

Additional highlights in July’s issue include ways to “dress” the growing number of concealed carry owners. By returning to the core strength of the self-defense market, (think concealable clothing, holsters and firearms) retailers are primed to successfully weather the downturn. And with the potential to reach thousands, even millions, of people via platforms like Instagram or YouTube, employing a brand influence strategy gives business owners limitless reach with modern marketing savvy.

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