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Another Successful Weekend For The Wilson Combat® Shooting Team

(ArmsVault.com) – Members of the Wilson Combat® shooting team traveled to multiple matches on June 10, 2017. Austin Proulx, Walt Proulx, and Pat Doyle traveled to Rio Rancho, New Mexico to shoot the Central New Mexico Scorcher. While Eric Fuson and Mandy Bachman traveled to Tulsa, Oklahoma to shoot the Oklahoma State IDPA Championship. 

In New Mexico, Austin Proulx finished as 2nd CDP Master, High Industry and 2nd overall for the match. Pat Doyle won CCP Division Champion, High Law Enforcement and 5th overall. Walt Proulx finished 3rd in the CDP Division.

Mandy Bachman won ESP Division Champion
Mandy Bachman won ESP Division Champion

In Oklahoma, Eric Fuson finished as CCP Division Champion, High Industry, and 1st overall. Mandy Bachman won ESP Division Champion, High Lady and was 3rd overall for the match. 

Austin Proulx

CQB Elite chambered in .45ACP

“A few days ago I shot the 2017 New Mexico Scorcher IDPA match. I managed a second place CDP Master finish, a second place finish for the match overall, and earned the title of High Industry. Every year this match seems to keep getting better, and this year I had my best personal performance to date. I was on all day, everything clicked and I didn’t experience any real mishaps. My Wilson Combat CQB Elite ran great, and remains faster and more accurate than I am, no matter how hard I try to out-perform it. I had to borrow some of my dad’s Wilson ETM magazines because I forgot mine back home, but as expected, I didn’t experience a single issue. This was my best personal performance and the most fun I’ve had at a match in a long time, and I look forward to shooting it again, hopefully doing even better next year.” – Austin

Pat Doyle

Commander Compact chambered in 9mm

“This particular match had 12 stages. The highlight of the match was the 47 yard standards. The many moving targets in the stages made this match quite complicated. Overall I would say the match was very challenging and on the level with many national matches. There were three Wilson Combat shooting team members attending so Wilson Combat was well represented.” – Pat

Walt Proulx

CQB Elite Chambered in .45ACP

“I had the pleasure of competing in the New Mexico Scorcher IDPA match at the Del Norte shooting range near Albuquerque on Saturday. Lack of sleep and some mild heat exhaustion may have slowed me a little but did not put me out of the hunt. I finished right behind my teammate Austin Proulx who finished 2nd overall and High Industry. I managed to place third master CDP (behind the 1st and 2nd overall who were also CDP shooters) and took home the High Senior award. I am truly grateful to my sponsor, Wilson Combat and for providing such quality products and for putting together such a great team of competitors to keep me on my game!” – Walt

Eric Fuson

EDC 9 Compact

“Thanks again to Pete Nevesky and all the staff for another challenging match. The high number of 18 round stages were great fun and added a degree of difficulty to a new CCP Shooter. The new Wilson Combat EDC Compact proved exceptionally well adapted to the longer and more difficult shots of this match. Even though I was quite ill due to a possible food poisoning bout, I was still able to finish. I was very pleased and surprised with an overall win along with the CCP Division championship title. Thank you all again for helping me make this match possible. Wilson Combat, USSA, Pete Neveske / staff, and my most understanding squad mates. Hope to see all of you again, under better circumstances, soon.” – Eric

Mandy Bachman

CQB Elite chambered in 9mm

“I had a bumpy start on the first stage of the match but managed to find my groove by the third stage of the day. Going into the match I knew that there would be a 45 yard standards stage so I spent a few days before the match practicing for that. The practice paid off and I avoided what could have been game changing and disastrous stage for me. At the end of the day, I was very excited to get my first ESP Division Champion title.” – Mandy

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