Porterfield Knife & Tool

Porterfield Knife & Tool

Introducing Porterfield Knife & Tool

OCALA, FLORIDA (June 22,2017) – (ArmsVault.com) – Good Time Outdoors, parent company of CORE Rifle Systems, GTO Performance Airboats continues to grow its portfolio of product lines for the outdoor sportsmen industry with the launch of Porterfield Knife & Tool (www.porterfieldknife.com). We are extremely pleased to have showcased with great reception the all new Porterfield Knife & Tool line of products at this year’s 2017 Blade Show in Atlanta.

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About Porterfield Knife & Tool

Porterfield is the namesake of a family who settled in central Florida many generations ago clearing the dense scrub and thicket of the region for cattle and agriculture. No strangers to good, hard work, these pioneers knew the value of rugged, dependable tools which their lives and livelihoods depended on daily. The rich and storied traditions of the family have merged with those of the legendary Bladesmith, Steve Schwarzer to create knives and tools of the highest caliber and design.

 Each person at Porterfield Knife & Tool has a great passion for the outdoors! Whether designing and manufacturing today’s most popular firearms or fabricating our custom airboats that can be found around the world, one thing is for sure, quality is never compromised, and our products are made right here in the United States of America!

Porterfield Knife & Tool is comprised of a true powerhouse of knife and tool design greats that not only creates, but uses the products in daily life whether hunting, fishing, or carrying a quality blade that’s ready to work!

Point of contact:
David Welch (bladesales@porterfieldknife.com)
National Sales Manager
Porterfield Knife & Tool

Porterfield Knife & Tool Discount

Be sure to take advantage of our Introductory Offer for Porterfield products by using promotional coupon code “FAMILY” on CORE15Rifles.com or PorterfieldKnife.com!

 * Offer ends June 28th 2017 *