LeverGun Solutions Lever Ring, Single-Point Sling Ring

LeverGun Solutions

Lever Ring, Single-Point Sling Ring

(ArmsVault.com) – LeverGun Solutions has announced the availability of their LeverRing, Single-Point Sling Ring. Produced with a polished, hardened, shot-peened, and hot blue steel finish; the LeverRing is the perfect accessory for your rifle when used with a sling.

LeverGun Solutions Lever Ring Single-Point Sling Ring

It adapts military battle rifle technology to reduce fatigue when carrying your rifle, yet allows for immediate use. When properly adjusted, the LeverRing slings your rifle across your body, without constantly hitting your knees. Use of the LeverRing keeps the rifle pointed toward the ground, yet is instantly available for use. The LeverRing is currently available for Marlin Model 336, Model 1894, and Model 1895 rifles of all calibers, up to and including the 45-70; as well as Rossi brand rifles and Mossberg brand rifles.

LeverGun Solutions Lever Ring, Single-Point Sling Ring

The LeverRing retails for $69.95 and includes a lifetime warranty and free shipping to the lower 48 states. Installation does not damage the steel receiver, however slight modification is required to the wooden fore end. Precision installation at our facility to exacting fit and finish is available for an additional $30.00. Just ship us your fore end, and let us do the rest. If the customer does not want to be without their favorite rifle, they can purchase a new walnut replacement fore end from LeverGun Solutions with the LeverRing already installed, for direct replacement for $50.00. We cannot accept shipping on the entire rifle, as this is a FFL violation.

For more information, contact LeverGun Solutions via e-mail at: contact.levergunsolutions@gmail.com. Dealer inquiries are welcome.

You can also visit the LeverGun Solutions website at: LeverGunSolutions.com.