GO-Magnet Handgun Storage Solutions

GO-Magnets Handgun Storage Solutions


The Veteran owned and American made “GO-Magnet” has earned its reputation as the best preforming gun magnet on the market.

Austin, TX – May 2017 – (ArmsVault.com) – GO-Magnets first released its revolutionary product two years ago and continues to provide innovative ways for gun owners to conveniently display, organize, and store guns. The company has earned its reputation as the best performing gun magnet on the market while keeping its production right here in the United States. The Texas owned company was founded by a U.S. Army Veteran who handcrafted the GO-Magnet design while focusing on the strength and versatility of the product. A single GO-Magnet will easily hold an object weighing up to 15lbs; allowing for endless storage solutions.


Starting at $13.99, a GO-Magnet allows you to conveniently store any size handgun within seconds while securely holding your gun to any steel surface. The GO-Magnet gives gun owners on-the-go protection while offering fast access to the handgun. Each GO-Magnet comes with a steel mounting plate designed to offer a quick storage solution while riding in your vehicle, sitting at your desk, and even at bedside. The mounting plates are designed to be installed on wood or plastic surfaces in order to make them compatible with the GO-Magnet.  The GO-Magnet itself is coated in a soft rubber-like substance to prevent any damage to weapons while providing a serious hold to keep your gun safe from slipping or sliding.


Another notable feature allowing for modular use, in multiple locations, is the two-sided magnetic force of the GO-Magnet. GO-Magnets makes it easy to modify your storage solutions with the option to leave the magnet on the plate or to flip it over, attach it to your gun, and take it with you. As the premier low-profile magnetic retention system, they allow for a clean presentation that is ideal for confined or tight spaces.


GO-Magnets has proven itself to be the premier choice for gun magnets. GO-Magnets has reached 250,000 likes on Facebook and continues to grow daily. This considerable achievement is a testament to the overall success and high rating of the American Made company.

About GO-Magnets

In early 2014, the creator of GO-Magnets set out to find a way to display guns inside his vault without having ugly peg boards or pockets. He wanted to be able to organize and reorganize the display as necessary as items were purchased or sold. He was unable to find an existing product that would meet his expectations, so he set out to make his own. The result was GO-Magnet. With a unique design and materials commination, he created a gun magnet that is virtually unmatched in strength.  GO-Magnets can firmly hold even the heaviest of pistols yet still be removed from a steel surface with only two fingers. The American-made GO-Magnet is available starting at $13.99. For more information about GO-Magnets, visit http://go-mags.net/