CZ-USA Custom CZ-75 in American Handgunner

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American Handgunner’s July/August Issue
Highlights CZ-USA’s “Alternative Thinking”

( – CZ-USA’s Custom Shop’s clever, meticulous enhancements improving the performance, function and sophistication of the popular CZ-75 platform takes center stage in American Handgunner’s July/August issue.

Featured on the cover, custom pistolsmith Adam Motter’s creation is based on a stock 9mm CZ-75 SP01 Shadow. Among a host of alterations, he hand-fit the slide to the frame, added custom checkered serrations and opened up the inside of the trigger guard. “With this sort of work being turned out by young gunsmiths today, I honestly can’t imagine what’s down the road. And, an especially satisfying part of this has been to finally behold and shoot iterations of the classic CZ-75 design the way I imagined they should have been some 40-odd years ago,” Huntington remarks.

CZ-USA Custom CZ-75 in American Handgunner
American Handgunner July/August 2017

Back in the 1970s the RPB M10 SAP filled a substantial niche in the burgeoning market for “scary black guns” without all the bureaucratic baggage. Will Dabbs, MD recounts the rise and fall of the MAC10: “The design itself was quite advanced for its day. The overhung bolt had its origins in the Czech ZK 476 and was also manifest in the Israeli Uzi… Despite the gun’s low price as well as its aggressive marketing, rifle-caliber carbines were in their ascendency and the days of pistol caliber submachine guns were numbered.”

Technological advances have made gun-care a cleaner, easier process. “Maintenance Miracles” highlights products designed to keep your irons sparkling without the mess and smell of harsh chemicals. July/August’s issue includes the gripping tale of the “Gang leader vs. Pistol Master” from The Ayoob Files. And the Sixgunner himself, John Taffin, enlightens readers on the finer points of selecting and caring for sixgun stocks.

S&W’s Performance Center Ported M&P45 Shield takes the lead in this month’s package giveaway. Its slim, lightweight design still packs the same power and features as full-sized S&W M&P .45 ACP pistols. The winner will also receive a Buck 550 Selector 2.0, Lightning Strike MINI Fire Starter, tinder and belt pouch and IronMind’s Captains of Crush grippers. This practical package totals $840.95. Enter for free online:

There’s even more from American Handgunner — this issue’s online-only features include a look at how the Area 8 USPSA Junior Camp helps kids learn safe competition skills and how to turn your beater into a beauty with “Robar’s Revolver Rehab.” Visit to access exclusive web content and previous issues of American Handgunner. The July/August issue can be purchased and downloaded as a PDF. Kindle and digital versions are also available.