ELEY Ammunition Launches New Website

ELEY Ammunition

ELEY Launches All New Easy to Navigate Website

April 2017 – (ArmsVault.com) – ELEY, the top choice in ammunitions for Olympic competitors, announces the recent launch of their easy to navigate website, http://www.eleyammunition.com.

The simple design mirrors ELEY Ammunition, straight forward, reliable and accurate. The easy to follow format allows for a basic self guided tour for exploring the widely sought after ammuniton. At the shell of the webpage, users will find direct links to all ELEY products, dealer locations, and other important information. Under the test facility tab, consumers can find valuable information describing the testing procedures ELEY uses and why it’s so accurate and reliable. One click over from the testing strategies tab, users can examine the  accuracy defined tab, where testimonials from industry personalities who trust the ELEY brand and the results they have had with ELEY Ammo. Shoot over to the upper right hand corner to the Contact Us tab for a rapid response from a qualified professional at ELEY.

Join us at  http://www.eleyammunition.com for an inside look on all things Eley and follow us on Facebook for daily interaction.