Ruger American Compact and LCP II in GUNS Magazine

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Double Threat! Ruger American Compact
and LCP II In May’s GUNS

( – The handsome duo featured on the cover of May’s GUNS Magazine represent two of Ruger’s recently introduced pistols, the Ruger American Compact 9 and LCP II. As tested, this “double threat” offers two sound options for users in the concealed carry and self-defense markets.

A definitive self-defense pistol for L.E. personnel and civilians, the American Compact 9 delivers speed and accuracy in close quarters with improved ergonomics and short trigger reset. Not to be outdone, the LCP II capitalizes on the rapid success of the LCP, but with redesigned features.

Ruger American Compact and LCP II in GUNS Magazine
GUNS Magazine – May 2017

Mike Cumpston says, “The LCP II’s broader grip distributes recoil more comfortably … the trigger is substantially improved. At the end of the day we realized we were having fun. This is not something required or expected when shooting micro pistols, though it can be a bonus feature.”

Collectors will relish Will Dabbs’ yarn on the legendary Stoner 7.62 AR-10, a product of space-age materials and out-of-the-box thinking. He details the evolution and historical significance of this revolutionary rifle for which he would have willingly traded a kidney when he stumbled upon an original in an online auction.

“The original AR-10 was the brainchild of a group of like-minded gun guys who met over family, dinner or a serendipitous shooting bench … it is a cool treat indeed to paw over one of the world’s very first black rifles.”

Ample content continues in this GUNS issue with “True Confessions,” where seasoned handloader M.L. McPherson dissects mistakes he’s made — and some he hasn’t. And if ever a reader has wondered how many rounds a pistol-packer should carry, Massad Ayoob offers answers in his monthly “Handguns” column.

The commanding 16-round, 12-gauge semi-auto shotgun SRM 1216 leads this month’s giveaway package. The SRM Arms shotgun features roller-delayed action and a rotary detachable high-capacity magazine. The winner will also receive an Introvert folder from Spyderco, a Captains of Crush Gripper by IronMind and a copy of Roger Eckstine’s, Watch Your Back – How to Avoid the Most Dangerous Moments in Daily Life. The giveaway is valued at $1,965.84. Entry is free and can be completed online by visiting

Tiger McKee makes the case for the .30 M1 Carbine as a home defender in this month’s Online Feature, “Just Enough Gun” — bonus content to the print issue. GUNS’ May issue is on newsstands now with a digital version available for purchase online at