Heckler & Koch VP9 & VP40 in American Handgunner

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HK Finally Built Us A Handgun – And It’s Featured In May/June American Handgunner

(ArmsVault.com) – Heckler & Koch’s Volkspistole (or the “People’s Pistol” in German) is the company’s resplendent answer to American demand for a civilian-shooter pistol. While this latest HK doesn’t represent groundbreaking technology, it’s rather simply a perfected fusion of proven engineering concepts. The VP9 and VP40 boast reliable protection from a world-renowned name in firearms manufacturing.

Will Dabbs shares, “In our testing, accuracy was perfectly acceptable with either option. The 9mm is easier on the wrists, but the .40 S&W is hardly abusive. I ran some of everything through these two HK pistols and naturally had no stoppages. My new VP40 currently resides in the nightstand beside the bed. The title of apex predator in the Dabbs family arsenal is a coveted position.”

Heckler Koch Volkspistole VP9 and VP40 in American Handgunner
American Handgunner May/June 2017

Just in time for spring, Mark Hampton dares readers to ramp up their handgunning fun in his feature article “Single Shot Savvy: “If you wish to add an exciting, challenging new dimension to your firearms repertoire, simply jump onto the single-shot train. The versatility and superb accuracy are most gratifying.” He outlines an assortment of handguns, accessories and target challenges designed to give shooters a nice, relaxing way to spend an afternoon.

Handgunner delivers more with Aimee Grant’s review of the latest and greatest in the airgun market — for training, hunting, target shooting and just plain fun — these aren’t your dad’s BB guns! And will most readers agree all women need to be armed? John McCarthy believes so and provides sound logic in defense of ladies that carry in his “Tactics & Training” column.

Carolina Arms’ TC-45 takes charge in this month’s handgun giveaway. The design and quality of this custom 1911 in .45 ACP ensures top-level performance in any condition. To complement the TC-45, the winner will receive a Versacarry Protector S2 holster, mag holder and belt, Tuff-Writer mini-click pen and engraved Colt mini replica revolver. The handsome package totals $3,939.62. Entries are free and can be completed online at www.americanhandgunner.com/giveaway.

There’s even more from American Handgunner — several options to access exclusive web content and previous issues are available by visiting www.americanhandgunner.com/digital-editions. The May/June issue can be purchased and downloaded as a PDF, for Kindle or for access online.