ELEY Expands 22LR Ammunition Line


(ArmsVault.com) – ELEY ammunition is no longer just your competition .22LR.  ELEY has entered the commercial .22LR market with one goal – produce the most accurate and reliable .22LR available to shooters at every level.  ELEY is offering two hollow point rounds, ELEY high velocity hollow and ELEY subsonic hollow.  ELEY subsonic hollow has been independently proven as the most accurate subsonic hollow point when compared to it’s competition.  ELEY’s expansion into the commercial market was jump started by the introduction of ELEY force and ELEY contact.  These products are specifically designed for use in semi-automatic firearms, with accuracy and knock down as the pinnacle of performance.  That combination is why Jessie Duff trusts ELEY force and ELEY contact to compete with in rimfire competitions at the highest level.

ELEY 22LR Ammunition

ELEY is proud to introduce ELEY action, which is an all-purpose round designed for a multitude of shooting disciplines. ELEY action provides an affordable option for the shooter to experience the legendary accuracy and performance that ELEY is known for throughout the world.

The full ELEY line will have an updated look in 2017.  Keeping with our heritage, the competition rounds will boast the ELEY color pattern most competitive shooters are accustomed to seeing with a fresh new look.  The recreation and hunting rounds will stand apart with a clean white package and all the information shooters rely on to make an informed decision. The entire recreation and hunting product line will also be available in a convenient rec pak designed for ease of shooting at the range or in the field.  See the new ELEY look on shelves starting March 2017.


Product Description Grain Velocity
ELEY high velocity hollow Soft lead allow hollow point bullet featuring a patented black oxide case with wide expansion rates at high velocity 38 gr 1250 ft/sec
ELEY subsonic hollow Soft alloy hollow point bullet with wide expansion rates at subsonic speeds 38 gr 1040 ft/sec
ELEY force Featuring a patented black oxide case, delivers the energy required to cycle semi-auto firearms providing ultimate accuracy 42 gr 1250 ft/sec
ELEY contact Subsonic round features paraffin wax coating specifically designed to cyble through semi-auto firearms. 42 gr 1090 ft/sec
ELEY action A multi-purpose round engineered with legendary ELEY accuracy and performance 40 gr 1090 ft.sec

For more information on ELEY and ELEY products please contact us at info@eleyammunition.com or (406) 314-6249.

About ELEY ammunition:

ELEY ammunition is a British management owned company that has been producing ammunition since 1828. ELEY has been the choice .22LR ammunition for more Olympic medalists than all other .22LR manufacturers combined, making ELEY recognized as the manufacturer of the most consistently accurate .22LR ammunition in the world. Innovation and continuous product development separate ELEY from its competitors. ELEY have always been at the forefront of the ammunition industry, pushing technological boundaries which have resulted in patented new methodologies and techniques.