Comp-Tac to Start Selling Cardboard IDPA and USPSA Targets


Comp-Tac to Start Selling Cardboard IDPA and USPSA Targets – Presale Starts March 3rd

HOUSTON, Texas – ( – Comp-Tac Victory Gear, the top holster choice for IDPA members in competition and concealed carry for the last 5 years, is expanding their product offerings to include cardboard targets. Comp-Tac has been licensed by IDPA and USPSA as an official (licensed) target supplier. Comp-Tac will start pre-selling targets March 3rd – 20th , with shipping to start on March 21st. Comp-Tac is also offering customers the option to pick up their orders to reduce shipping costs.

IDPA Target

Comp-Tac will be selling the New IDPA cardboard target complete with the down zero circle in the head box. In addition, Comp-Tact will be selling the USPSA Metric and Classic targets and patching pasters.

All targets will be sold in 100, 500 or 1000 increments with different pricing based on volume.

“The ‘Comp’ in Comp-Tac stands for Competition and the company has long been a supporter of competitive shooting. We are excited to be in the position to help all our customers, especially our local shooting clubs by providing targets at a lower overall cost. Customers in Texas and nearby areas can have targets shipped to them at a lower freight cost or pay no freight by picking them up at our facility,” explained Gordon Carrell General Manager of Comp-Tac.

Comp-Tac Presale will run March 3rd through March 20th. Targets will start to ship (and be available for pickup) on Tuesday March 21st. During the Presale customers can purchase targets at a 10% discount.

About Comp-Tac Victory Gear, LLC

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