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Frontier Tactical Announces New FT-15 Rifles

Frontier Tactical, a disabled veteran owned company, is a manufacturer bringing innovation and modularity to the already market-proven AR-15 platform, “Departing from the Known.”

( – Frontier Tactical launches the FT-15 series receivers and complete rifles.

The FT-15 is the continuing evolution of the Frontier Tactical product development in the firearms industry.  Frontier Tactical introduces the solution for the shooter looking for the newest, breakout technology in firearms.  Offered in two configurations, it is sure to change the way many people think about modular weapon platforms.

Frontier Tactical FT-15 Rifle
Frontier Tactical FT-15 Rifle

The FT-15 Entry Carbine was designed for the AR-15 shooter.  It is an optic-ready, dedicated entry level AR-15 that includes a few upgrades, but leaves the AR-15 ready for further modification.  The lower receiver is marked “MULTI CAL” and is a semi-auto AR-15.  It is the base model for future multiple caliber builds.

The FT-15 War Lock™ Entry Carbine is the upgraded version, and comes equipped with the War Lock™ Multiple Caliber System installed from the factory.  No additional assembly is required.

Both versions come with 7075-T6 forged receivers and offer an enlarged ejection port, allowing cycling of the largest caliber cartridges available for the AR-15 platform (.450 Bushmaster, .458 SOCOM and .50 Beowulf).

The heart of this modular weapon platform is the War Lock Multiple Caliber System.  The War Lock replaces the barrel nut on an AR-15.  Once installed, the AR-15 is modularly capable of firing over 90 calibers by changing simple components (barrel assembly, bolt, magazine, etc).  After initial installation, it requires no tools and caliber changes happen in seconds.

The FT-15 stripped upper and lower receivers are also being released at this time.

About Frontier Tactical:

Frontier Tactical, founded in 2014 in Brooksville, Florida, designs and manufactures firearms and accessories for the defense and shooting industries.