Starline Rifle Brass

Starline Brass

Starline Now Producing Rifle Brass

SEDALIA, MO – ( – To meet customer demand, Starline Brass has recently announced the addition of rifle brass to their product offerings. Starline is now producing .308 WIN, .358 WIN and .444 Marlin and will soon offer .338 Federal and .243 WIN.

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Starline Rifle Brass

Until now, Starline has predominately produced brass for handgun calibers, with the exception of a few straight-walled rifle cases, such as the 45-70. Starline currently offers over 80 different calibers, but that number will grow quickly as new rifle and handgun calibers are added to their product line.

“Our customers have been asking us to produce rifle brass for years,” said Robert Hayden, Jr., Vice President of Starline. “With our recent plant expansion and investment in building new equipment and tooling, we are proud to make Starline rifle cases a reality.”

2016 marked a historic year for Starline, celebrating their 40th Anniversary and introducing bottleneck rifle cartridges to their lineup. “We know we wouldn’t be here without our loyal customers and employees,” Hayden continued. “They have made achieving these milestones possible, and we’re very grateful for them.”

Starline is a family owned business that prides itself on producing the highest quality brass cases available. For more than 40 years, Starline’s unique manufacturing process and commitment from their team of employees has distinguished Starline from the competition.

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