Shooting Industry’s December Issue Kicks Off The 2017 New Business Year

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Shooting Industry’s December Issue
Kicks Off The 2017 New Business Year

( – The arrival of the 2017 New Business Year is imminent and Shooting Industry’s December issue is rich with products, insight and commentary intended to give dealers a head start on early-year sales. Highlights in this issue include a year-end reflection from retailers across the country, an extensive preview of the 2017 SHOT Show and the colossal 2017 New Product Showcase.

An uncertain election outcome helped drive a frenzied pace for 2016 business. In its wake, Publisher Russ Thurman makes his predictions for a return-to-basics 2017, but with an open mind to changing demographics, expanding marketing techniques and smarter marketplace innovations.

Shooting Industry December 2016

“Yes, this has been a wild year for business. Challenging, but we’re tougher for it, which prepares us well for 2017 and a new business year. We’re also smarter. We better understand the marketplace, which will continue to change next year. Not every new gun owner thinks like ‘us,’ those who have long-formed the foundation of the industry,” Thurman shares. “That’s okay. Good, really. Challenges lead to innovation, not only in product development, but also in distribution, marketing, sales and customer service.”

Editor Jade Molde’s “Sound Bytes of 2016” features the observations of brick-and-mortar dealers regarding the trends shaping the industry and the ways in which they have adjusted to — or plan to capitalize on — changes to the market.

“We’re seeing more women coming in; they’re single moms who have a home and family to take care of, and they’re arming themselves,” reported Joseph Newton of Bill Jackson’s Gun Shop in Pinellas Park, Fla.

Correlating with the surge in personal-defense products, dealers also report a burgeoning interest in training.

“Training is profitable. It constitutes less than 5 percent of my sales, but more than 20 percent of my profit,” said Ernie Traugh, owner of Cedar Valley Rapids in Marion, Iowa.

Dominating the issue is the first of a two-part 2017 New Product Showcase featuring products from nearly every niche of the industry and representation from over 150 companies — with 60 exhibited in this issue. Readers of this New Business Year Edition will also learn more about diversifying marketing strategies to include video and the concentrated efforts NASGW has made rebranding, strengthening and reconnecting the organization to the industry. This issue also features the updated Greatest Buyer’s Guide In The Universe, providing hundreds of industry connections condensed into one place.

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