Firearm Retailers & Manufacturers Benefit from Expanded Orchid Advisors Team

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Licensed Firearm Retailers and Manufacturers Benefit from Expanded Orchid Advisors Team

Hartford, CT (December 12, 2016) – ( – Philip Milks and Alexis Tunell join Orchid Advisors in response to the growth in Federal Firearms Licensees (FFLs) demand for services. Both Milks and Tunell will deliver value to FFLs by drawing upon prior experience with national and local ATF leadership, responding to ATF Industry Operations Investigators (IOI) inspections and having developed compliant retail and manufacturing operations.

“We are thrilled to see a continued increase in FFL holder demand for a neutral partner who can uniquely drive business growth and regulatory compliance. Phil and Alexis are exemplary professionals and we are honored to have them join the Orchid team to address that demand,” says Jon Rydberg, CEO of Orchid Advisors. “Both executives are being immediately deployed to serve independent and big box retailers, large manufacturers and mid-tier subcontract manufacturers who have limited options for lower-cost business and compliance services. Our team and our clients are excited to leverage their knowledge to accomplish new levels of success in the firearms and ammunition markets.”

Orchid Advisors - Philip Milks
Orchid Advisors – Philip Milks

Philip Milks is an attorney and was formerly employed by the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) and Remington Outdoor Company (ROC). While at Remington, Phil served his executive peers as the leader of ROCs corporate compliance function which included ATF, Import, and Export (ITAR and EAR). Phil played a key role in advising ROC and its subcontract manufacturers in the development of ammunition, suppressors, polymer pistols, modern sporting rifles, and imported shotguns. Phil gained relevant legal and regulatory experience facilitating the acquisition of manufacturing entities, the move of major manufacturing facilities to the southern United States and implementing SAP as a leading ERP system. Phil had numerous professional interactions with national and local ATF leadership and responded to a multitude of high volume serial number ATF inspections. Phil will work with existing and future manufacturing clients to better achieve their regulatory and business goals.

Milks states, “I am honored to join the Orchid team.  Orchid’s history of utilizing its entire suite of professional services to assist businesses in navigating the ever-changing regulatory landscape and working with companies large and small to achieve an optimal outcome is unequaled. I have seen firsthand the respect the Orchid name commands among our industry’s FFLs and regulators and am very excited to join such a respected team. Although I am well experienced with mega firearm manufacturing, I am particularly looking forward to assisting the owners of small and medium-sized manufacturers who feed them frames, receivers, suppressor components and more.”

Orchid Advisors - Alexis Tunell
Orchid Advisors – Alexis Tunell

Alexis Tunell led the federal ATF and state firearms compliance function for EZCORP, Inc., the nation’s second largest and publically traded pawn lender with over 700 retail locations across North America, including more than 350 FFLs. She has an extensive background in retail firearm operations, retail store security, retail Point of Sales and electronic 4473 / A&D book development. She is recognized nationally by regulatory agencies and is an NSSF-chosen speaker at the 2017 SHOT Show University. With their complementary, industry leading skills, Alexis and Orchid Executive Director Travis Glover are poised to deliver the most comprehensive retail program available to the industry. The NSSF, Orchid, NASGW, and Epicor led “Firearms Retail Development Program” offers a legal defense fund, electronic A&D software, as well as on-site security, process and ATF compliance evaluations (including NFA / suppressors sales) staffed by former ATF field inspectors for a very low monthly fee.

Alexis states, “Regulatory compliance in not an operational luxury, but an often confusing and costly business requirement. Therefore, a non-partisan partner committed to results is essential to avoid pitfalls and costly errors. Orchid Advisors is the only firm offering complete, industry-tailored solutions in the firearms arena, with a focus on the entire business process, and it is my great privilege to join this respected team. I am particularly excited about bringing large-company retail solutions, particularly related to retail firearm, store security and the new electronic 4473 to small, medium and large retailers across the country.”

Philip Milks and Alexis Tunell can be contacted through the Orchid Advisors website for a no-cost consultation. Both executives are now accepting consultative meetings for the upcoming 2017 NSSF SHOT Show and can be found at the Orchid booth #617.

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