Liberty Police Dept Chooses Battle Rifle Company BR4 Spectre Rifles

Battle Rifle Company

Liberty Police Dept Chooses Battle Rifle Company

(Liberty, TX) – ( – Battle Rifle Company of Houston, TX was recently called upon in an effort to upgrade the Liberty Police Department’s defensive assets. The Liberty Texas Police Department has added additional BR4 Spectre rifles to its inventory, ensuring all officers are rifle equipped and allowing more rifles on the street for patrol.

Battle Rifle Company BR4 Spectre Rifle

Four BR4 Spectre rifles were delivered to the department, equipped with both Iron sights and EoTech 512’s for officers assigned to traffic and patrol.  “We are working to equip all our patrol division with rifles in the coming year,” stated Chief Tom Claunch.

Liberty, Texas is a community that has experienced rapid growth in recent years. Its rural appeal and easy commute from Houston make the city attractive to those looking for a place with country charm.  The community has seen unprecedented development of housing and growth in the area. In order to keep up with this progress, Liberty PD has expanded its operations, built new facilities and added officers to the force. Liberty PD had an officer related shooting in April of 2015, only days after Chief Claunch took charge of the department. Chief Claunch added, “We want to give our officers all the tools they need for every situation.”

The BR4 Spectre rifles, built strong and equipped with many features at an affordable price, will serve as the primary carbine for the department. Liberty PD is also upgrading its existing inventory of rifles, converting older rifles of other brands to the Spectre configuration. The new rifles were delivered with additional magazines, tactical bags and single point slings to complete the package.  The end result was a cost effective tactical package that met the department’s economic needs.

If your department has a need for rifles, please give us a call at Battle Rifle Company.  We can provide cost effective solutions for your rifle needs. This program is also available to Foreign Law Enforcement and Government Agencies under ITAR Compliance.

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