Les Baer 1911 Pistols in American Handgunner

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A Striking Pair Of Les Baer 1911s Inside American Handgunner Jan/Feb 2017 Issue

(ArmsVault.com) – In the cover story for American Handgunner’s first issue of 2017, “Les Baer’s Black Baer 9mm & Boss .45,” Editor Roy Huntington commends Les Baer for having “never been prone to tossing out new products on a whim.” The new 9mm Black Baer, as well as the Boss .45, are “based on top performing designs from their shop, while offering a few new options.”

American Handgunner Jan-Feb 2017
American Handgunner Jan-Feb 2017

Roy did some extensive range tests on the two Baers and he observered “the blending of high-end machining with talented hand-fitting is what makes the Baer guns stand out.” After more than 500 rounds through the Black Baer, Roy continued “it’s not only just plain delightful to shoot but it truly is one of those ‘point your finger and slay at a distance’ guns.” The Boss meanwhile delivers laser-like accuracy and has the same “hard-fit” translating into reliability and accuracy. Both guns cost less than many single custom 1911s, so with these two, customers have the best of two worlds.

In another American Handgunner exclusive, “The SIG MPX 9mm Pistol: A New Class Of Handgun,” Will Dabbs, MD reviews a pistol that hits what he calls his “awesometer.” According to Dabbs, he thought it was impossible to impress him with a cool new gun until the short-barelled, gas-operated SIG MPX came along.

Inside this issue’s “Close Look,” John Connor presents Handgunner’s 2016 Gift Guide, while Aimee Grant zeroes in on carry options — reviewing seven holsters.

Other highlights from this issue of American Handgunner include “Handgun Hunting: Dangerous Game,” “9mm Revolvers,” “A Trip To Derange” and “The Hower 12-Shot Revolver.”

The .22 TCM/9mm Rock Target FS HC Combo takes center stage in the Jan/Feb 2017 giveaway. The 1911-style pistol and 1,000 rounds of .22 TCM ammo that come with it are all from Rock Island Armory.

Other prizes include the Soundgear Hearing Protection from Starkey Hearing Technologies, a Bolt-Action Mini Light from Tuff Writer, a Tex Creek 69 from TOPS Knives and a bullet pen from Bullet Bouquets. Enter the giveaway for free by going to www.americanhandgunner.com/giveaway.

The American Handgunner Jan/Feb 2017 issue has three online-only articles. Online readers will have access to three online-only articles covering the Reactor Titan and BCM Gunfighter MK15, a three-step look at carving leather and the science behind mag fails. Readers can sign-up for advance notice when the latest digital version is available for online viewing at www.americanhandgunner.com/digital-version.