Wilson Combat Shooting Team Results 2016 IDPA National Championship

Wilson Combat

(ArmsVault.com) – Wilson Combat is proud to release our shooting team’s latest results from the 2016 IDPA National Championship held September 13-17 in Cresson Texas.

We are extremely proud of all their hard work and multiple achievements.

They are all excellent ambassadors for our company and always exhibit impressive shooting skills and sportsmanship.

Wilson Combat Shooting Team
Wilson Combat Shooting Team

CDP Champion: Glenn Shelby

CCP Champion: Greg Martin

SSP 1st place Master: Mike Seeklander

“My preparation included several weeks of 4-day practice, and spending the last week with Wilson team members Eric, Greg, and Jared doing “two a days” in the Oklahoma heat.  We shot our butts off during varying times of the day to simulate different light conditions.  We ran standards, and then stage after stage of practice shooting. We did simple stages and different arrangements in a challenging game of follow the leader.  The goal was to shoot 95 0’s and no 3’s, without makeups.  We shot standing, kneeling, on the move, around cover moving to the right and left, on advance, on retreat, and all of those combined in varying 10-18 round stages.  Shooting sessions lasted around 2 hours of fast paced work and 400-500 rounds. During the competition I shot with my Beretta 92G (Wilson Combat) and used Freedom Munitions 135 Grain Hollow Point ammunition.” – Mike Seeklander

SSP 3rd place Master: Jared Phillips

“I shot a solid match by staying focused throughout and shooting my game. I didn’t push the limit too hard, just floated right on the edge. The goal I had in mind was to finish top 5 in SSP and top 20 overall. I crushed this goal by coming in 3rd Master and 12th Overall. I have to give credit to my teammates for being motivators during the match, and would like to express my appreciation to Greg Martin and Mike Seeklander. We trained hard during the week before the match and they helped me with my foot work. As always, my Wilson Combat Brigadier Tactical ran flawlessly.” -Jared Phillips

ESP 5th place Master: BJ Norris

“I still consider myself a fairly new IDPA shooter, having come from the other shooting sports. With that in mind, I try to focus really hard on the fundamentals in my prep for the event, and I believe that’s what helped me to achieve a 5th place ESP Master finish with my Wilson Combat 1911.” – BJ Norris

ESP 6th place Expert: Mandy Bachman

“To get prepared for the IDPA Nationals I completed the training program from teammate Mike Seeklander’s ebook (available here) and attended as many club level and sanctioned matches as possible leading up to the event.  I wanted to get in as much match experience as possible with my trusty Wilson Combat CQB Elite in 9mm, ETM mags and Berry’s 135gr bullets.  On Friday, I made some costly errors at the start of the match, but managed to get back on track Saturday morning with a fresh start and focus.  It was a blast!” – Mandy Bachman


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