Vero Vellini Slings for Increased Accuracy This Hunting Season

Vero Vellini

Vero Vellini Slings Are More Than Just Comfortable Rifle Totes

MOORESTOWN, N.J.  (Sept. 27, 2016) — ( – Shooting aids increase accuracy, and they come in all shapes and sizes—from bags of sand to adjustable rests built from sturdy forged steel—but the most lightweight and expedient shooting aid in the field may just be the item that carries your rifle, the sling. World-renowned for its handcraftsmanship and comfort, Vero Vellini makes slings that will tighten up your field-expedient shooting position for increased accuracy this hunting season.

Vero Vellini Slings for Increased Accuracy This Hunting Season

When properly employed, a Vero Vellini sling can create a solid base that ties the rifle to the body, all the while greatly reducing muscle fatigue during the hunt’s most critical harvesting moment. A simple wrap of the Vero Vellini sling around the support arm cinches the rifle down, creating a rock-solid shooting platform in any position. This is especially important when shooting from the often-dreaded standing position, as some hunting scenarios simply won’t allow a hunter to move into a more stable body situation like sitting, kneeling or prone. But even those positions are greatly enhanced by wrapping a properly adjusted sling wrapped around the support arm to tighten the rifle butt into the shooting shoulder.

While all Vero Vellini slings are a pleasure to carry the rifle into the field, as a shooting aid, the Classic Air Cushion Slings offer the most flexibility between positions, but by design their stretch is limited, thereby providing excellent support. The company’s Premium Leather Slings tend to be more rigid, due to the sturdiness of the thick, richly tanned cowhide, but their inner neoprene linings provide just enough give to achieve a solid shooting position when adjusted properly.

This hunting season, be sure of your shot with the added support of a Vero Vellini sling.  Vero Vellini slings range in price from $24.99 to $159.99, and they can be purchased conveniently online at

Vero Vellini is the acknowledged leader in comfortable, handcrafted gun slings. For more than two decades, the company has been crafting these beautifully detailed and highly durable slings in Germany. Vero Vellini created the Air Cushion concept, which sandwiches neoprene and other natural and synthetic material to create an almost weightless feeling when carrying a firearm. The company also boasts the most slip-proof sling available from the use of a unique, highly durable rubber backing. Vero Vellini also manufactures fast-access cartridge cases and slings for binoculars and cameras. For more information on Vero Vellini, contact: Pioneer Research, 97 Foster Road, Moorestown, NJ 08057; call 800-257-7742; or visit