Guncrafter HOSS 1911 Pistol in American Handgunner

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Guncrafter’s HOSS: A Brawnier, More Reliable 1911 Inside American Handgunner

Nov/Dec 2016 Issue

( – In this issue’s cover story, “Guncrafter’s HOSS: A Brawnier, More Reliable 1911,” Editor Roy Huntington observes, “Today’s 1911’s are elegant, stylish and, in most cases, can keep up with anything recently invented. If this is so then, what did Guncrafter do to lift the bar high enough to get our attention?”

Alex Zimmerman, Guncrafter’s founder and head designer, answers, “Any chain is only as strong as its weakest link. In the case of the HOSS, we’ve upgraded the potential weakest links and they are all much stronger.” So what the company did was strengthen individual parts of the 1911. By doing this, Zimmerman continues, “I feel strongly we’ve decreased the likelihood of any failure exponentially in the HOSS. In fact, I think, with normal use — it may never happen.” For those handgunners that don’t know, “HOSS” stands for Heavy Operating Shooting System.

American Handgunner Nov-Dec 2016

In “Suppressors And The Modern Handgun,” Will Dabbs, M.D., lauds the friendly impact of suppressors. To him, “A proper sound suppressor makes you a more courteous and neighborly shooter, masks the direction of the shot while hunting and preserves your capacity to assess your surroundings and communicate….” Dabbs says it’s also a valuable tactical tool to protect your hearing.

Other highlights from this issue of American Handgunner include “Springfield Armory’s Range Officers” and “Honor Guard 9mm.” In “Close Look,” Aimee Grant tackles lights, sights and lasers. She reviews seven flashlights that emit more than enough lumens to let you see what you need to see. Dave Anderson also gives a “Close Look” on safety and security with six items to help you prevail in a dangerous situation.

The SIG SAUER P320RX is the main prize in the Nov/Dec 2016 giveaway. The strikerfired pistol comes with 300 rounds of 9mm ammo also from SIG, Soundgear Hearing Protection from Starkey Hearing Technologies and a keybar — a new way to organize keys without the tinkling noise — from KeyBar. You can join the giveaway for free at

The American Handgunner Nov/Dec 2016 issue has three online-only articles. Online readers can learn more about using PC bullets in the .480 Ruger, improving the .45 Colt’s accuracy and how reloading can help save money. Readers can sign-up for advance notice when the latest digital version is available for online viewing at