Team SIG Member Max Michel Captures USPSA Area 7 Championship


Team SIG Member Max Michel Captures USPSA Area 7 Championship

Newington, NH (July 18, 2016) – ( – SIG SAUER, Inc., is pleased to announce that Team SIG member, Max Michel, was named the Overall Champion, as well as the Open Division title winner, at the 2016 United States Practical Shooting Association (USPSA) Area 7 Championship held at the Capitol City Rifle and Pistol Club in Augusta, Maine. The recent victory marks Michel’s fifth USPSA Area 7 division title and his fourth USPSA championship so far this season.

Max Michel at USPSA Area 7 Championship

At this year’s USPSA Area 7 Championship, Michel faced off against 295 competitors from across the country. With seven divisional titles up for grabs along with the Overall title, competitors took aim against obstacle-laden courses as they were required to draw their firearms, negotiate obstacles, and shoot on the move, all while engaging a variety of steel and paper targets.

Michel, who competed with a customized SIG SAUER® double-stack 1911 pistol, was able to secure a top-place finish in each of the 10 stages of fire, earning him a perfect match score of 1020.0. This incredible performance allowed Michel to easily take home the Open Division title by placing him more than 217 points ahead of the second closest divisional competitor.

“I have always enjoyed competing in USPSA matches and this year was no exception,” said Michel. “At every competition, the courses of fire are always challenging yet enjoyable to shoot. Each competitor knows that in order to excel a tremendous amount of preparation and dedication has to be exhibited, and I’m reminded of this every time I step out to compete.”

Max Michel Captures USPSA Area 7 Championship

As Michel made his way through the 10 stages of fire, he remained confident that his gear would be ready for the task at hand regardless of what challenges laid ahead.

“Any time you compete in a sport that has no do-overs, having confidence in your equipment is a huge advantage,” said Michel. “I have always been able to count on my SIG pistol to run flawlessly, allowing me the ability to focus on my own performance. Being able to accurately breakdown a stage so that it best suits your own strengths is something that can set you apart from your fellow competitors. Having the right gear is an essential part of the equation.”

Up next on Michel’s schedule is the MGM Junior Camp on July 22nd. He will serve as the lead instructor at the camp, which provides a hands-on introduction to the sport of competitive shooting for 60 kids.

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