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FMG Online Exclusives: ProSounds H2P And The Folding Knife You’ve Had For Years

( – In a GUNS Magazine Online Exclusive, “ProSounds H2P — Got Ears?” FMG’s Online Editor Mark Kakkuri thinks people should know it’s really not expensive to get electronic muffs — ones that protect your ears from gunfire, but also able to pick up conversation. After extensive testing, Kakkuri found the electronic hearing protection by ProSounds works very well. Comfortable and easy to use, the electronic muffs compress noises greater than 85 decibels but enhance other sounds up to six times the normal level.

ProSounds H2P Electronic Hearing Protection in GUNS Magazine

In the article, “The Folding Knife You’ve Had For Years…” online at, Kakkuri takes a break from reviewing new gear. Instead, he looks at something he’s had for years: his Kershaw Blur. It has taken a fair amount of beating but “still snaps open like a champ and carries well. The knife is an easy and smooth one-handed draw, open, close and return to pocket.” Kakkuri includes a video of the Kershaw Blur in action, in regular speed and slow-mo.

Kershaw Blur Knife

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