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Do It All With Daniel Defense’s DD5V1 .308 In The August 2016 Issue of Guns Magazine

(ArmsVault.com) – The August issue of GUNS Magazine treats readers to engaging editorials from Will Dabbs, MD, on Daniel Defense’s DD5V1 and Massad Ayoob’s comparison of the new Walther PPS M2 with the older version in “New Age ‘9’.” These stories and more, like John Barsness’ “Bigger, Badder, Best?” where John gives an in depth account on how “better bullets, better, shot and better shooting all trump raw power in the gamefields,” keep readers up-to-date on timely gun news as well as entertained.

GUNS Magazine - August 2016
GUNS Magazine – August 2016

The GUNS Magazine cover story, “The 1-Gun Solution,” is a vigorous vignette about the evolution of Daniel Defense and a personal account about attaining a “tricked-out black rifle” by writer Will Dabbs, MD. “The new DD5V1 takes everything righteous and wholesome about 5.56mm rifles and supercharges it with enough horsepower to really reach out and touch something. If life went sideways and you really could only have one, the new Daniel Defense DD5V1 offers a little bit of everything for any range,” he says.

Massad Ayoob gets down to business on why the Walther PPS M2 is about to become more popular in the new “Americanized” version in his feature article: “New Age ‘9’.” Ayoob’s test team included two IDPA Five-Gun Masters. They liked the “stippling pattern and slight palm swell on the PPS M2’s grip-frame, but “reloaded the PPS better with the earlier mag release system.” Overall, he thinks the “perks outweigh the quirks” and expects “it to sell well.”

More highlights in this issue include Holt Bodinson’s “Out Of The Box,” where Holt reviews Mossberg’s affordable bolt action: the Patriot.  In “Summer Reads,” Holt shares must-read titles, such as Karabiner 98k Volume I, from Bruce Karem and Michael Stevens and more. John Barsness returns to his boyhood for the backstory in “Bigger, Badder, Best?” And John Connor’s “Odd Angry Shot: C’est L’Afrique” is a colorful anecdote involving international shenanigans not to be missed.

SIG SAUER’s P320 Pistol leads off the August GUNS Giveaway, which also includes full-size, compact and subcompact barrels. This giveaway also features a Peacekeeper INCOG Tablet/Gun Case and a Flitz Gun/Knife Care Kit—a value of $1,637.94. Readers can visit www.gunsmagazine.com/giveaway to enter. It’s free!

Each issue of GUNS includes links to online-only extras. In this month’s online feature, “Barrett’s 98B .300 Win Mag,” Todd Burgreen advises readers to, “defend the homestead with confidence.” Readers can purchase a digital version of the GUNS August issue at www.gunsmagazine.com/digital-version.