American Handgunner Concealed Carry Special Edition


American Handgunner Debuts Concealed Carry Special Edition For Summer 2016

( – American Handgunner’s Concealed Carry focuses on the “how to” to educate readers on this timely topic. Managing Editor Payton Miller puts things into perspective and begins the conversation of Concealed Carry, writing “there’s more to “concealed carry” than the ‘what’s new.’ There’s also the ‘how to.’ And how is what effective self-defense hinges on.”

AH’s Concealed Carry opens the dialogue on whether or not deadly force is the only option in Will Dabbs’ “Shockingly Carryable,” while Tiger McKee asks “Why Not Pack A Pair?” applying the “classic carry mode in the real world.” The issue also contains a thoughtful and thorough showcase of holsters and belts in “Carry Options” by Aimee Grant, and Pat Covert covers “Ten Concealable Carry Knives.”

American Handgunner Concealed Carry Special Edition
American Handgunner Concealed Carry Special Edition

In Will Dabbs’ feature article “Shockingly Carryable,” he explores the Taser Pulse and Kimber’s Pepper- Blaster. “The Pulse looks like a typical compact defensive handgun replete with rounded curves, a thumb-activated safety, a trigger in the expected spot and low-profile sights,” says Dabbs. With the Kimber Pepper-Blaster, which “bears no similarity to a firearm,” he notes it “is a high-tech Swiss-made polymer device that incorporates a pair of pre-charged cylinders of 10 percent oleoresin capsicum,” warning “after a little research, I’ve concluded you just don’t want to get any of it on you.”

Tiger McKee experiments with wearing two pistols, one on each side, in “Why Not Pack A Pair?” He begins by choosing “two guns of the same type, size and weight” –– his choice: the “‘old school’ pre-model 10 S&W J-Frames in .38 Special, both with 4-inch barrels.” Taking the reader through dry practice to practical applications he says, “Firing one pistol and then other is just a matter of shifting your visual focus from one set of sights to the other.”

Other highlights in this American Handgunner Special Edition include Pat Covert’s “Invisible Edges!” a detailed and informed look at 10 concealed carry knives, and Ralph Mroz’s “Active Shooter!” gets you thinking about how to prepare and protect yourself in the advent of this emerging threat.

American Handgunner’s Concealed Carry issue has an extra bonus for readers: The updated Special Edition 2016 Buyer’s Guide. This giant, 96-page catalog of currently available handguns, rifles, shotguns, knives, lights, lasers and — for the first time — concealed carry products is an excellent resource to have in hand when making any of your personal defense decisions.

Heckler & Koch’s VP40 Pistol is the top drawer in the American Handgunner “Concealed Carry Giveaway.” Readers can visit to enter. It’s free!

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