Nighthawk Custom T4, Stirn IWB, Kershaw Leek

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FMG’s Online Editor Talks Nighthawk Custom T4, Stirn IWB And Kershaw Leek

( – FMG Online Editor Mark Kakkuri is inspired by the late, great gun-guy Jeff Cooper’s adage “if you can’t put your hand on your gun right now, all this training is wasted” in his online reviews of the Nighthawk Custom T4 (9mm only) and Stirn IWB holster for comfortable, inside-the-home concealed carry. He also shares some great how-to videos of the orange-colored Kershaw Leek knife.

Stirn IWB Holster

In the online “Exclusive: Carrying In Your Own Home –– Comfortably, Concealed” Mark shows his readers how the “smooth as silk” Nighthawk Custom T4 and Stirn’s IWB “custom-made, hand-fit holster” duo are a smart comfortable, concealed carry choice for inside your home.

Kershaw Leek Knife

In another online focus, Mark uploads videos of the orange-colored Kershaw Leek. He likes the orange color and thinks it’s great to use outside because “if you accidentally drop it, it’ll be much easier to find.” Other reasons he likes this knife are the “SpeedSafe assisted opener and lock at the end of the handle to prevent accidental opening,” and “What’s also very cool is my ability to operate both features with one hand,” he says.

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