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New Product Release:  32 ACP Xtreme Cavitator Ammunition and Bullets

(ArmsVault.com) – In today’s high tech world shooters are waking up to the fact that the bullet is as important, or even more important, than the weapon itself.  This could not be anymore true than in the world of Pocket Pistols.

Several years ago Lehigh was challenged by its customers to develop the “Magic Bullet” for the 380 ACP.  Well, this lead to the development of our XP (Xtreme Penetrator) line of bullets.  The next stage was to develop a bullet based on our XP Technology that would meet the FBI’s Protocol for bullet performance.  We completed this challenge with the introduction of our XD (Xtreme Defense) product line.  We quickly learned that our customers are pretty demanding because they did not stop at the 380, they asked for a High Performance Round for the 32 ACP.

Lehigh 32 ACP Xtreme Cavitator Ammunition

Lehigh was up to the challenge so Engineering went to work on a bullet for the 32 ACP.  Engineering quickly learned that the 32 ACP challenge was not going to be as simple as modifying one of our current technologies so that it could be adapted to work in the 32 ACP.   The physics behind the 32 ACP posed a real challenge to the team, so they decided to pursue a new technology in place of using one of our existing technologies.  One year later, Lehigh is pleased to introduce a new technology:  Xtreme Cavitator (XC)Technology.

Our Xtreme Cavitator Technology uses unique nose geometry to create a pressure spike at the nose creating an envelope of air around the bullet as it passes through the target, allowing consistent deep penetration.

The heck you say? No, it isn’t voodoo or marketing hype, it is physics. If you are bored, look up super cavitation torpedoes; the dang Russians where there first. The fact is, all bullets create cavitation; we just created a design with a unique nose and an air reservoir groove to accentuate the effect.

Against our better judgement (Just Kidding), we decided to put the 32 ACP XC Bullet through the FBI Protocol Testing.  We know that the 32 ACP is not considered a power house when it comes to ACP’s, but it is widely used as a concealed carry personal defense weapon because of its physical characteristics.  Well, we are not going to say that the XC met or exceeded all of the testing, but we were taken back by the results of our testing.  We also tested three of the top selling hollow point bullets as well and we are pleased to say that we were the only company to actually come close to meeting all of the FBI’s requirements.

As a matter of fact, all of the 32 hollow point bullets tested failed to expand as designed in all 5 of the test that we conducted.  Here are the results:

Lehigh Defense 32 ACP Performance Chart

The following Gel Shot is your basic Bare Gel Shot using 10% Ordnance Gel:

Lehigh Defense 32 ACP

The following Gel Shot also utilizes 10% Ordnance Gel per FBI Specifications, but this shot was taken through the toughest barrier in the test protocol, Auto Glass.  As you can see the competition, the XC stopped at just over 8 inches while the competition did not make it beyond 5 ½ inches.

Lehigh Defense 32 XC Auto Glass

The one test that did surprise us was the Sheet Metal Test.  The following Gel Shot was fired through  2 sheets of 20-gauge sheet metal.  The only reason that there is only one bullet showing is that the leading brands did not make it through the second sheet:

Lehigh Defense 32 XC Sheet Metal

So, if you put your 32 Auto into retirement because you were concerned about the terminal performance of your 32 Auto ammunition, or purchase one of the light compact 380 Auto’s that have been on the scene since 2008, then it’s time to pull that 32 Auto out and blow off the dust.

“Lehigh Defense – We will never stop Innovating”

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As we continue to focus our energy on innovative bullet designs, and to better service our ammunition customers our Premier Partners are loading our bullets in their ammunition. You can find our new 32 Auto XC bullet loaded by Underwood Ammunition.

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