Caldwell Ballistic Precision G2 Chrono & Duramax Self-Healing Targets

Battenfeld Technologies

Caldwell Announces Innovative Products to Bring a New Level of Precision & Fun to the Range

Caldwell® Ballistic Precision G2 Chronograph

The Caldwell Ballistic Precision G2 Chronograph flips conventional chronograph technology upside-down. By inverting the system, the Ballistic Precision G2 Chronograph is able to more accurately measure velocity from point to point than conventional chronographs, and even works indoors! This collapsible, compact system is quick and easy to deploy, making it the perfect addition to take to the range.

Caldwell Ballistic Precision G2 Chronograph
Caldwell Ballistic Precision G2 Chronograph
  • Calibrated to within +/- 0.25% of the true velocity
  • Bluetooth® enabled to interface with smartphone app
  • Ideal for firearms, archery, airgun and paintball
  • 18” sensor spacing for maximum accuracy

Caldwell® Duramax Self-Healing Targets

The new Caldwell Duramax Self-Healing Targets bring a new level of fun to the range. These self-healing targets react by bouncing, rolling, spinning or flipping when hit. The best part is that these targets can be shot many times before replacement to keep the fun coming!

Caldwell Duramax Self-Healing Targets
Caldwell Duramax Self-Healing Targets
  • Made of ballistic polymer for maximum durability
  • Available in a 5” ball or 5” square
  • Rated for pistols or rifles from .22lr up to 50 BMG

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