LUCID Optics Partners with Snake River Shooting

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LUCID Optics Partners With Snake River Shooting

(Wyoming) – ( – LUCID Optics, manufacturer/importer of the best value line of optics on the market, is honored to announce a partnership with Idaho based, Snake River Shooting Products and Consulting, Inc.

Snake River Shooting Products is a full-service support system for distribution into Government, Law Enforcement, Commercial, International and OEM channels. Snake River will be assisting LUCID in growing product market insertions and increasing the sales and distribution outflow of the LUCID Optics line.

“The primary focus will be on dealers and distributors who are looking for a value-priced optic line that does not sacrifice quality,” says Casey Betzold, President of Snake River Shooting Products. “There are a number of optics companies in the marketplace, but not many of them fill the spot the LUCID does. Offering both quality and features of the most expensive lines at a very affordable price point, makes LUCID stand in a class of their own.”

“Snake River Shooting Products are known for their “Team Never Quit” ammunition line, largely made famous by their partnership with retired Navy Seal Marcus Luttrell of Operation Red Wings (Lone Survivor),” says Jason Wilson, CEO of LUCID Optics. “We feel LUCID Optics will go hand-in-hand with Snake River Shooting’s current product offering and will be the perfect compliment to the products they offer their current customer base.”

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