Freedom Munitions Launches New Website

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Freedom Munitions Launches New Website

Company’s growth leads to new major upgrade to online shopping experience.

Lewiston, ID: March 22, 2016 ( – Freedom Munitions, a Howell Munitions & Technology company, announced the launch of a completely new website that will greatly enhance the customers’ online shopping experience., the online low price leader in ammunition has revamped there entire digital eco-system. From a cloud based server to a seamless e-commerce platform. Customers can now enjoy a wide host of improvements over the previous site like a faster web server, mobile friendliness, instinctive navigation and a smooth checkout process.

“This new Magento Enterprise based platform that our site is built on will allow us to better serve our loyal customers and allow us to expand our ever-growing premier selection of not only loaded ammunition, firearm parts, magazines, and other gear but will showcase our latest collaborations like the Seekins Precision GI rifle line” said Jansen Jones, Freedom Munitions VP of Sales and Marketing.

Jones went on to say “We’ve taken every customer complaint or issue with the previous website and not only fixed them on the new site but made the entire shopping experience exponentially better. I can say with confidence that we now have one of the best websites in the industry.”

Magento is a leader in the E-Commerce world. With its endlessly customizable features, Magento Enterprise Edition gives the flexibility to create the ultimate customer experience. It has the enterprise-class features and the flexibility needed to create an eCommerce solution tailored to unique needs. And it helps convert browsers into buyers, and boost online revenue.

About Freedom Munitions

Freedom Munitions is proud to offer high quality new and remanufactured ammunition utilizing the highest grade components available.  All of our ammunition is manufactured in-house at our factory in Idaho.

Freedom Munitions’ remanufacturing process produces high quality ammunition that compares to new.  We purchase fired brass only from indoor ranges.  After sorting by caliber, cases are checked for defects using Scharch Range Master case processing equipment.  The Scharch processing machines automatically check for debris inside the case and pressure tests each case for splits or cracks.  Next, the primers are removed, flash holes are cleared and the primer pocket is reamed to easily accept a new primer.  After processing the cases are re-sized to SAAMI specifications, wet washed and dried. The processed cases are clean, shiny and ready for loading.