Copper Basin Pak-Rat Quick-Clip Pack Accessory for Rifle Slings

Copper Basin

Copper Basin™ Announces the Release of the Pak-Rat™ Quick-Clip Pack Accessory

The Pak-Rat™ Quick-Clip Pack Accessory keeps your rifle sling on your shoulder and your hands-free. Stay relaxed, comfortable and in the field longer.

Nampa, Idaho (March 2016) – ( – Copper Basin™, LLC, manufacturers of innovative, lightweight bags and packs for hunting, hiking, and low profile firearm storage, is pleased to announce that its Pak-Rat™ Quick-Clip Pack Accessory is now available for purchase. The Pak-Rat™ Quick-Clip is a stand-alone, universal accessory which works with nearly every sling or strap. It’s ideal for hunting or any outdoor excursion, securely holding rifles, shotguns, decoy bags, duffle bags, canteens and binoculars on the shoulder – no more slipping! Gear is kept securely in place on the shoulder, leaving hands completely free to climb and maneuver.

Copper Basin Pak-Rat Quick-Clip Pack Accessory
Copper Basin Pak-Rat Quick-Clip Pack Accessory

With the Pak-Rat™ Quick-Clip Pack Accessory, the sling will stay attached to the shoulder when the arm is outside of the sling. When the rifle or other item is needed, it can be quickly and quietly released with a simple pull on the Pak-Rat™. The Pak-Rat™ Quick-Clip can be quickly and securely attached to a backpack’s shoulder strap and webbing (up to 3″ wide) via the clip’s hook-and-loop structure. The clip also stretches to accommodate different size slings and straps. The Pak-Rat™ Quick-Clip Pack Accessory is available now for $19.99.

Copper Basin Pak-Rat Sling Release

The Rifle/Shotgun Support System combines the Pak-Rat™ Quick-Clip Pack Accessory, the Pro-Linx Sling and Rat-Tail Stock Support to keep a firearm supported against an individual’s hip and secure on the shoulder, leaving hands-free to maneuver, help with climbing or handle other gear. This three-in-one set makes firearms transport easier, hunting safer and increases mobility and comfort. The Pro-Linx Sling is an adjustable, lightweight design with inner Mil-Spec elastic and integrated sling-swivel attachments while the Rat-Tail Stock Support keeps the firearm supported against the hip, aiding in shock absorption and bounce reduction when walking. The entire system reduces the firearm’s overall felt weight while it’s slung on the shoulder, keeps the stock close to the body and out of the way and attaches easily to pack waist support or a belt loop. The Rifle/Shotgun Support System is available now for $39.99.

Copper Basin Rifle-Shotgun Support System

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