Smith & Wesson 686 Plus Review by American Handgunner

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FMG’s Online Exclusive Never Say Never

( – FMG Publications online editor Mark Kakkuri admonishes: Never say never to carrying a 2½ lb. pound gun or a “gi-normous” revolver. He had to remind himself of this when the Smith & Wesson 686 Plus — sporting a 3″ barrel — arrived in stores.

In an online exclusive for American Handgunner, Kakkuri evaluates the 686 Plus as a carry gun. He reasons, “Perhaps with a few accessories or slight changes, it could work.”

Smith Wesson 686 Plus Review by American Handgunner
Smith & Wesson 686 Plus Review

The Smith & Wesson 686 Plus has a 7-round capacity and uses .357 Magnum or .38 Special+P ammo. Kakkuri says it has “one of the best trigger actions in the world.” At over 2½ lbs. unloaded, the gun is not easy to conceal but Kakkuri thinks everything about it “is as familiar as the back of your hand.”

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