Rudolph Optics T1 6-24×50 T3 Long Range Tactical Scope

Rudolph Optics

( – Do you consider yourself a long-range shooter?  Are you in the market for a new long-range tactical scope?  Or have you been too nervous to invest in a high-end riflescope because you’re still not convinced the value outweighs the price tag?  Well, if so, Rudolph Optics in Texas has you covered.  They have developed a Tactical line of optics with premium components and topped off with Japanese glass.  The T1 Tactical 6-24x50mm with open ¼” click MOA turrets is a scope that covers your entire basis.  No matter if you’ve been shooting forever with high-end optics or your just starting this scope has everything you need to be precise and outperform your buddies at the range or on the hunt.

Rudolph Optics Tactical T1 6-24x50 T3 - with Reticle
Rudolph Optics Tactical T1 6-24×50 T3

Rudolph Optics has constructed the T1 6-24×50 T3 with a heavy-duty 30mm tube, coupled with 90 MOA of turret adjustment and the popular T3 Reticle.  This reticle is by far the most popular Rudolph reticle.  The elevation adjustment lines are 1 MOA apart, the windage adjustments are 2 MOA a part for hold over and the ¼ MOA dot delivers precision shot placement.  Fully multi coated lens gives you second to none clarity and scratch resistance.  With over 98% light transmission these scopes outperform most of the scopes on the market today giving you ample light transmission in low light conditions and high magnification situations.  Lastly, they have given you almost 4 inches of eye relief, this give you peace of mind no matter if your using a .223 or a .50 BMG you will feel comfortable and confident when touching off the round.

Rudolph Optics is setting the standard in premium quality for their customers.  You walk away with their “NQA” No Question Asked Lifetime warranty so you know your covered is something happens to your optic.  When you purchase the T1 or VH series in their line at an independent dealer near you, you receive the scope with plastic lens covers, a Rudolph Optics power throw lever, sun shade, covered in a neoprene scope cover and laid to bed in a 100% hand made wooden pine box with Rudolph Optics logo.  AKA “the coffin for your old scope”! This T1 package is an eye catcher and comes in at just under $999.99 with the same quality others are charging upwards of $1850.00 – $2250.00 for just the scope by it self and they manufacture with the same components.

Remember, “when accuracy matters”, get yourself a Rudolph Optic.