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FMG’s Online Editor Mark Kakkuri Talks J-Frame Accessories & Gunsite Training

(ArmsVault.com) – When it comes to J-Frames, a wide variety of concealed carry options and accessories are available. In a <I>GUNS Magazine<I> online-only exclusive, Online Editor Mark Kakkuri explores two pieces of gear — a holster and stocks — for carrying a J-Frame IWB.

“Here are the two pieces of gear you should check out,” he says. “A Cover 6 IWB holster and a set of Altamont stocks — specifically the S&W J-Round Bateleur Super Rosewood Crocback/Stipple with Laser Logo LCSW,” writes Kakkuri. “The Cover 6 features a single pivot point on the clip, mounted low. As such, you can wear this holster in a variety of locations, including cross-draw when driving. Inside the Cover 6 holster, the J-Frame and the Altamont stocks rests against my side with comfortable smoothness, offering a combat grip and an easy draw. They’re good accessories, individually. But they’re even better as a combo.”

J-Frame with Altamont Grips

The online exclusive can be found at gunsmagazine.com/exclusive-j-frame-gear-you-should-get-right-now/. Additionally, readers can text a question or comment to Kakkuri at (248) 328-2538.

In an online feature for americanhandgunner.com, Kakkuri gives the details on a Gunsite 3-day carbine course occurring in Indiana this spring.

“Gunsite offers classes in Lebanon, Indiana, including their ‘123 Three Day Carbine’—  and yes, you’ll need a pistol for this class, too,” writes Kakkuri. “In this class you will learn proper zeroing and sighting for your choice of sights and optics. All manipulations will be thoroughly taught as they apply to your weapon system. Check out the class scheduled for April 15-17, a weekend … I’m planning on being there and maybe you will be, too!”

More details are available at americanhandgunner.com/exclusive-join-me-at-gunsites-123-carbine-class/.

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