New Barnes VOR-TX Ammunition and Component Offerings


New 2016 Barnes VOR-TX Ammunition and Component Offerings

Mona, UT – ( – Barnes Bullets, LLC (“Barnes”) the leader in bullet innovation and performance, is adding three loads to the VOR-TX ammunition lineup and new 300AAC Blackout and 450 Bushmaster components for handloaders.

The VOR-TX line extensions will bring three new loads to the Barnes VOR-TX family – A 308 Win. load featuring the proven 130 grain TTSX bullet, a 300 Winchester Magnum load with a new 190 grain LRX bullet, optimized for long range performance, and finally, a 35 Whelen load featuring the field-proven Barnes TTSX 200 grain projectile.

For handloaders, Barnes will now offer the 300 AAC BLK 120 grain TAC-TX BT bullet, previously only available in VOR-TX ammunition. Also available for the first time, Barnes will offer a 275 grain TSX FB bullet specifically designed for 450 Bushmaster platforms. Both of these components offer the discerning handloader the opportunity to fine-tune and optimize their 300 AAC Blackout and 450 Bushmaster ammunition.

Barnes VOR-TX Ammunition and Components

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