Meopta USA Announces MeoHub Project and Joint Venture with Bushman


Meopta USA Announces its MeoHub Project and Joint Venture with Bushman – a leading European Outdoor Apparel Brand

HAUPPAUGE, NY, January 14, 2016 – ( – Meopta is pleased to announce MeoHub – its new joint venture with select Czech partner companies to introduce these quality brands to the U.S. market.

Meopta will host Bushman Expedition Outfitters at the 2016 SHOT Show in Las Vegas.  Bushman, a leading European lifestyle brand that specializes in outdoor and expedition clothing, will be sharing the Meopta booth during the show where Bushman will showcase its hunting line of apparel.  Bushman clothing is made from natural materials such as cotton, wool, linen or bamboo skin and comes in earth tones – beige, khaki, brown and olive green.

Meopta - Bushman

“Bushman is a highly regarded outdoor clothing brand in Europe, and we think they will be able to expand rather quickly in the US market,” said Reinhard Seipp, general manager and chief operating officer of Meopta USA.  “They make top quality clothing and are as passionate about the functionality of each item as they are the look and feel.”

Bushman was founded in 1997 by Jindrich Melichar, an adventurer and world traveler.   Bushman currently operates 40 stores throughout Europe, and an e-commerce site, and hopes to increase distribution of its clothing line here in the United States.

“Bushman is not just about clothes,” said Melichar.  “The brand embodies a certain lifestyle that is reflected in all of our apparel – one of adventure.  Bushman products are suitable for a wide variety of hunts and other outdoor adventures in the US and abroad.”

Bushman makes clothing for men and women who understand the importance of purchasing quality apparel for their challenging adventures and the difference this can make on their journeys.

Bushman’s US-base of operations will be in the MeoHub professional office complex located in Meopta’s Long Island, NY headquarters.

About Bushman

Where else would the creators of the Bushman brand turn for inspiration other than the outdoors itself?   Their initial inspiration was their passion for life and nature.  Thus, all products meet stringent quality standards.  Bushman takes stewardship of the environment very seriously.  That’s why its products are easy to recycle.  In addition, Bushman supports several humanitarian and ecological environment protection projects such as Water for Africa and UNICEF.

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About Meopta

The Meopta Group is a U.S. family-owned, multinational company with facilities in the United States and Europe. Founded in 1933 in Czechoslovakia (now the Czech Republic), Meopta is a leading manufacturing partner to many of the world’s finest optical brands. In their Czech facility, Meopta conceives, develops and manufactures precision optical and electro/optical systems for semiconductor, medical, aerospace and military industries as well as for consumer markets. In their New York plant, precision optical products are manufactured and assembled to exacting standards in clean-room environments for the military, industrial and consumer markets.

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