ELEY Expands Ammunition Line


ELEY Expands Ammunition Line for 2016

January 14, 2016 – (ArmsVault.com) – ELEY continues to dominate the .22LR Olympic market. They celebrated success at the 2012 London Olympics with 14 out of 18 medals won using ELEY Ammunition and 71% of the 2016 Rio Olympic quota spots have been secured using ELEY. Now the company is using their engineering knowledge and sales expertise to enter new market segments.

Over the past year ELEY has expanded their product offerings by introducing two new semi-automatic rounds. ELEY force is a high velocity round recognized by its unique black oxidized case; and ELEY contact is a subsonic round designed specifically to cycle through semi-automatic rifles. Sales of these new offerings have been strong and continue to grow.

ELEY High Velocity Hollow 22 LR

ELEY continues to offer ELEY subsonic hollow, which has been found by an independent test to be the most accurate and best performing subsonic hollow point .22LR round compared to the leading competitor’s hollow point rounds. ELEY subsonic hollow is the number one choice for hunter’s that want a quiet, ultra-accurate round for small game.

With the success of ELEY subsonic hollow, ELEY will introduce ELEY high velocity hollow in Q2 of 2016. ELEY high velocity hollow guarantees world class accuracy, penetration and expansion that delivers a lethal blow to any small game. It is the perfect round for the hunter who wants maximum velocity without compromising accuracy.

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