Caracal Pistol Recall



January 13, 2016

( – On March 28th 2013, Caracal issued a Recall on all F and C Model pistols due to a potential risk of a failure of the drop safety should the pistol be dropped on a hard surface with a live round in the chamber.

We continue to request that anyone in possession of an affected unit PLEASE DO NOT LOAD OR FIRE THE PISTOL and immediately contact the Caracal Recall Center at (205) 655-7050 or via email:

This is a US MARKET UPDATE to the International recall notice, which can be found at

At this point Caracal USA has recovered 92% of all affected units imported into the United States and is seeking assistance in locating the remaining units which have been transferred through dealers and private party transactions beginning in February of 2012.

If you are to come in contact with, or have knowledge of anyone who may be in possession of an affected unit, please urge the owner to contact the Caracal USA Recall Center so that we may further process the recall.

How to determine if a Caracal pistol is affected by the recall:

Caracal Pistol Recall