Laser Ammo Training System & Family Game Night

Laser Ammo Training System and Rock Island Armory 1911
Laser Ammo Training System and Rock Island Armory 1911

Family game night is a big deal in my house. Whether it is Scrabble, Dice, or some card game, we all fight hard for the bragging rights that come with a win. Unfortunately for me, I am several months into an ego-crushing Scrabble losing streak. However, thanks to the Laser Ammo firearm training system, my family’s attention has been somewhat diverted from my poor Scrabble performance.

First a little background on the Laser Ammo firearm training system…

The heart of the system is the SureStrike Laser Cartridge that you insert into the chamber of your firearm (a process that takes less than 1 minute). Once installed, the cartridge emits an eye-safe laser pulse each time the firing pin strikes the Laser Cartridge. I can tell you from experience that this alone is a great training aid. I have fired laser pulses at every doorknob, light switch, and nicknack in my home and office. This laser system will very quickly show you that your aim may not be as good as you think it is!

The LaserPET Electronic Target (shown in the above image), works in conjunction with the Laser Cartridge. When the laser pulse “hits” the target, you will hear an audible alert and see various statistics on the display screen, depending on your the training program you have selected. While the LaserPET Electronic Target isn’t required when using the Laser Cartridge, I would definitely recommend it.

Rock Island Armory 1911 with Laser Ammo SureStrike Laser Cartridge
Rock Island Armory 1911 with Laser Ammo SureStrike Laser Cartridge

So, how does “family game night” tie in to the Laser Ammo Training System? Well, not long ago I was watching my son practice basketball in the driveway. That’s when it occurred to me that many of the basketball-related games we play could also be played indoors using the Laser Ammo System.

Below are a few of the basketball inspired games we play using the Laser Ammo System:

Laser Ammo HORSE

  1. Player 1 picks a shooting location and fires at the LaserPET.
  2. Player 2 takes the next shot. This part depends on whether the last shot was successful:
    1. If Player 1 made the previous shot: Player 2 must duplicate the shot previously made by Player 1.
    2. If Player 1 missed the previous shot: Player 2 can shoot from anywhere.
  3. Keep playing with the same rules. Whenever it’s your turn, if the person before you made a shot, you have to copy them. If the person before you missed, you may shoot from anywhere.
  4. After the last player shoots, it’s the first player’s turn again.
  5. Get a letter when you fail to duplicate the previous player’s successful shot. If you are trying to duplicate the shot of the person before you and you miss the shot, you get the letter H. Each time you make this mistake, you get a new letter, spelling out H—O—R—S—E. When you spell out the full “HORSE,” you lose the game.
  6. You can’t get a letter while you are the first person to shoot from a particular location. If you miss the shot, play just passes to the next player with no penalty.

Laser Ammo Around the World

  1. Pre-select several locations throughout the room. All must be within sight of the LaserPET Electronic Target. We usually select 5 – 8 locations.
  2. Player 1 attempts to shoot the LaserPET from the first location. If the shot is made, he moves to location 2. This continues until a shot is missed. Once a shot is missed, play moves to the next player.
  3. This continues until one player is able to make a shot from each location (1 – 5), including the return trip (5 – 1).

Laser Ammo Free Shoot

  1. This one is simple! Pick a firing location and see how many consecutive shots you can make from that spot. Then challenge another player to beat your record.

So, is there value to this type of game playing? Without a doubt, I say yes! First, these games are a great way to practice shooting skills, including stance, sight alignment, sight picture, breath control, trigger pull, and follow through. Second, these games provide a fun and safe way for us to monitor our son to ensure that he follows proper gun safety rules. Yes, all the gun safety rules still apply, even though we are playing a game! Finally, just like traditional board games, this is a great way for a family to spend quality time together. And I would argue that the world would be much better off if families put down their tablets, cell phones, and video games and actually spent some quality time together.

Laser Ammo LaserPET Electronic Target:

  • Height: 2.25 inches
  • Width: 5.25 inches
  • Depth: 5.75 inches
  • Weight: 1.2 pounds
  • 3 operational modes:
  • Hit counter – this setting will count the shooter’s consecutive hits.
  • Shot timer / Fast draw – this timer will show the accurate time from buzzer to hit.
  • Speed shooting – this mode will time the shooter as if they were changing a magazine and subsequently count how many times the shooter can hit the target within 5 seconds.
  • Features:
    • 1.8″X1.8″ laser sensor
    • Bright numeric LED display
    • Buzzer
    • Tripod and wall mounts
    • AAA battery operated
  • More Info: Laser Ammo

Laser Ammo SureStrike Laser Cartridge Kit:

  • Electronics: Computer Microprocessor
  • Power Source: Silver oxide dry cell batteries
  • Construction: Stainless Steel 303, CNC machining
  • Laser Wavelength: 635nm-650nm (Red) / 780-980nm (IR)
  • Laser spec USA: Class R3, > 5mV
  • Laser Spec Europe: Class II, > 1mV
  • Dimensions: 1.52″ x 0.38″
  • SureStrike™ Premium Kit Contains:
    • 9mm SureStrike™ laser cartridge
    • UhrSecure Safety system – Short pipe, extension pipe and nut
    • 6 reflective targets
    • Protective Carrying case
    • Battery
    • User Guide
  • More Info: Laser Ammo

Rock Island Armory TCM TAC Ultra FS Combo Specs:

  • Model: 51961
  • Caliber: 22 TCM / 9mm
  • Rounds: 10
  • Sights:
    • Front: Orange Fiber-Optic
    • Rear: Elevation & Windage White Dot
  • Length: 8.75 inch / 222.25 mm
  • Height: 5.5 inch / 139.70 mm
  • Grips: G10
  • Frame: Parkerized
  • Slide: Parkerized
  • Barrel Length: 5 inch / 127 mm
  • Grooves: 6
  • Trigger Pull: 4 – 6 lbs / 1.81 – 2.72 kg
  • Length of Twist: 1 in 16″
  • More Info: Rock Island Armory

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